5 Reasons Why You Need to Use HTML5 Instead of Flash

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The HTML5 vs Flash debate has been around for years now and the intense sword-slashing continues in an attempt to establish an obvious advantage over the other, at least in certain aspects. HTML 5 has a competitive edge over Flash in Web design, considering its versatility, functionality and usability and is cementing a permanent spot for itself but Flash isn’t willing to take a bow, at least not for a while.

HTML5, the latest version of HTML, has created a rock solid presence for itself in the Web design industry and continues to evolve to outdo itself. As a website designer, it is essential to be aware of the areas where HTML5 scores over Flash and keep these aspects in mind while designing sites. Here are 5 reasons why you need to use HTML5 instead of Flash:

The Native Video Element

HTML5’s convenient <video> and <audio> tags get media to play correctly, eliminating the need for Flash Player and other third party media players. HTML5’s native video element lets users view all types of videos in their browsers without installing plugins.
Reign in Multiple Platforms

HTML5 is supported by almost all types of desktop and mobile browsers. As iOS devices don’t support Flash, its reliability and reach are on the decline.
The Interactive Canvas Element

HTML5’s <canvas> tag responds to users and allows them to interact with content on the website. It is text-based and can be read by search engines. The interactive and animated possibilities that it offers to create a more dynamic and engaging user experience make Flash obsolete.
Speed and Power

HTML5 is almost like a better-supported, more powerful, faster and open version of Flash. It is becoming the unanimous choice worldwide as it runs natively in the browser without an extra plugin.
Flash isn’t suitable for large websites, sites loaded with text/info and database-driven sites.
Cost of Coding

As Adobe doesn’t provide a free tool for Flash development, its tools are often quite expensive and the cost of development is high. Flash IDE or a similar alternative is required to author flash content. HTML5 is free and even Notepad is sufficient for its coding.

HTML5 makes it easier to create accessible sites, has a cool local storage feature, allows you to write clear and descriptive code and helps in incorporating video, audio, fonts, web graphics and animation into your web pages effortlessly.

HTML5 continues to make steady progress in overall browser support and has a very wide market reach. In short, HTML5 is taking the world by storm, revolutionizing the Web and is here to stay.

Author Bio: Brain Taylor is the VP, Business Development at Forix Web Design in Portland, OR. Forix specializes
in web design and development for small, medium and large company websites, e-commerce systems and more. Follow the Forix Web Design blog for latest insights, news on web design and development.

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    Great! The existing reasons show the incredibility of HTML 5 and It’s truly one of better option between of them. I totally agree with you that HTML 5 is more suitable, faster, better supported and one of open version of Flash and finally, it is becoming more perfect option for the developers.

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