Showcase of 40 Bent Objects, Wire of Life

Bent Objects

Creating amazing artwork through ordinary and traditional methods is not a big deal now-a-days. But, using extraordinary everyday objects and wires to create some fascinating artwork is an ability that everyone cannot acquire.

Photographer Terry Border creates some real life examples with wires and real objects and gives them life and tells a full story in one picture. He calls them Bent Objects. [Read more…]

About Bokeh Photography and Examples

Bokeh Photography

Photographers from all around the world use different photography styles to shoot stunning, creative and beautiful photos and images. Of many styles of photography prevalent, these days, Bokeh has become one of the most popular styles of photography. Bokeh technique of photography makes the background look blur so as to focus the subject and make it look extraordinary sharp, beautiful, and attractive. The background is out of focus, and the subject becomes the whole centre of attraction. [Read more…]

45 Mind-Blowing Macro Photography


Macro Photography is an art to take the photographs of the things or animals that are very small in real life and are not properly visible with our naked eyes. We can easily see the enlarged image of a very small object. Macro photography is possible because of some special lenses and cameras from which the photographs are taken. [Read more…]

7 Basic Animal Photography Tips for The Pet Owner

7 Basic Animal Photography Tips for The Pet Owner

Your furry friend has been there for you through thick and thin. They have comforted you in your saddest moments and greeted you joyfully every time you have ever walked through the door. Now, you need an image of an animal for your latest blog post, webpage or even logo and the first image you think of is your own pet. As you begin to try to take the picture, the experience can be a challenge. Not only is there likely a lot of movement, but positioning your pet in the pose you want can be nearly impossible. [Read more…]