5 Best Free Screen Capturing Software

Screen Capturing Software

In your day to day working with your computer system, you invariably require to capture screenshots of images, animations, or videos. You may need the screenshots for your projects, presentations, or for some other reason, as well. You may be a student, a project manager, software professional, consultant, tester, technical writer, developer, or may be pursuing some other profession; you require capturing screenshots for one reason, or another. [Read more…]

11 Best Image Compression Software

Image Compression Software

To boost up the load time and reduce bandwidth of your website, one of the best ways is to optimizing images on your website and reduces the sizes of images as much as possible.

With low size images, website can download fast and gives a great surfing experience to visitors, and that can be done by compressing the images. Image compression is not just used for the web, but one can compress the image to send it over the internet without taking much time or reduce the disk space on their computer. [Read more…]

Download 5 Best Free CSS Editors


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are now important elements for any website design. CSS is a simple way to style you sites font, colors, spacing etc. You don’t need to setup all this things again and again for all pages when you use CSS just call CSS file to all pages.

CSS files can be easily created on any text editor like Notepad, but it is not the best way to create CSS file. Here come CSS editors, which cut your, development time and provide all help to build CSS file easily. CSS editors are like WYSIWYG editor, which let you, know what you are doing it highlights the code and values to help you what you are doing.
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