Modx Great CMS for Developers

Modx CMS

Although there are quite a few Content Management Systems that you can choose to manage your website; however as a webmaster you really need a CMS that gives you control for managing your website.

You need a CMS that is flexible and scalable and has the ability to help you as your business grows with time. [Read more...]

MailPoet WordPress Newsletters Plugin

MailPoet WordPress Newsletters Plugin Send Emails in Style

Managing subscribers can be a hard job in WordPress particularly when you have them in large numbers and want to send newsletters to them on a regular basis.

However, a simple, powerful, and easy-to-use WordPress Newsletter Solution can help you easily create Newsletters and hence manage your subscribers in a smart way. The central idea is that creating Newsletters in WordPress should be as easy as eating a cake. [Read more...]

25 Beautiful and Free Sports Icons

Free Sports Icons

Sports play an important role in our life, and most of us love to play our favourite sport. That’s why today I am listing some beautiful and free Sports Icons.

Sports are not just for entertainment or fun; it also benefits our health. Today professional sports are multimillion industries. People do not just play sports they also love to watch their favourite sports. People watch sports in stadiums or on TV, and because of so much interest in sports no one can neglect the importance of sports in our life. [Read more...]