10 Best PHP Auction Scripts

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An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the winning bidder. In economic theory, an auction may refer to any mechanism or set of trading rules for exchange.

You can also start your auction website where people can sell their product thru auction same like eBay. To start you auction website you will need good auction script or software which will handle all requirements for auction website.

Auction software is application software that can either be deployed on a Web server for online auctions or as stand-alone software for live auctions that handles all aspects of conducting an auction. It provides the ability for users to post items for sale in an auction format as well as the ability to bid on those items.

Below is the collection of 10 best Free and premium PHP auction scripts.

10 Best PHP Auction Scripts

1. AJ Auction Pro V 3.1

AJ Auction Pro V 3.1 – The Best PHP Based e-Auction Software: AJ Auction is one of the most advanced and user-friendly auction software available. It’s excellent navigation features make it easy to use and also allows you to customize your website to your most specific requirements. The new features can be added or Existing features can be Edited or deleted.
The user end features of AJ Auction Pro allow you to have an unlimited number of categories. You can also manage your categories through your web-based admin. The users have the option to advertise their product on the home page at an extra cost. Reverse auctioning is also there i.e. sellers have the option to give a minimum selling price, which is not disclosed to the bidders.
The admin end features includes the Item Management section which allows you to view, edit, delete, terminate a bid, or extend a bid to any specified period. Category management and image settings can be easily done.
User license: $249
Enterprise license: $2499
PHP Auction Scripts

2. Softbiz Online Auctions Script

Softbiz Online Auctions Script is an Extensive and Powerful auction script written in PHP. It has potential to generate very heavy revenues for you. Script is built with focus on increased ease of users and raised profits of webmasters. It can handle auctions (simple/Dutch), fixed price item or classifieds to tap the great earning opportunity that this script offers, paid services can be enabled/disabled to drive more traffic for your site accordingly. You also can use as advertising platform for your products / other sites. The products highlights classification of products into multilevel categories for easy browsing and efficient management, Seller can post any number of products for auction or as a classified ad or as a fixed price item, Internal messaging system for communication between buyers and sellers. Sellers can add special visual effects to their ads by paying extra price at any time via Paypal. Administrator can view valuable stats like total categories, no. approved/unapproved products, no. of products posted yesterday/ in last 7 days etc.
Price Just : $49
PHP Auction Scripts

3. Enuuk auction platform NEW 2.8

Enuuk auction platform NEW 2.8 a product of PhpAuction is an ecommerce auction software packed with powerful tools to run a fully functional auction site. It requires MySQL/Apache/PHP to run and it is released under both open source and commercial versions. Enuuk platform is user friendly and includes a quick-installer with a fully controllable web-based back office. Featuring Standard auctions, classifieds, lots, reverse auctions and penny auctions, Enuuk platform is adaptable for multiple industries for creating comprehensive auction sites. It has payment gateways integrated for Auction administrator, wide variety of fees options, different Account types, multilingual feature, different shipping types and related prices, etc.
Obfuscated version: $379
Non- Obfuscated version: $946
PHP Auction Scripts

4. iTechBids v9.07.3 (Gold Release)

iTechBids v9.07.3 (Gold Release) is a fully functional auction software product and website! With widespread bid management controls in place, iTechBids is surely the webmasters’ delight. The keys features of this software are No Encryption of data, no Callback, Tax/ VAT calculator for store owners, etc. Seller can easily select the right category for the items and can enter their selection for any custom fields. Moreover, sellers can select which payment methods they accept. On the user end, they can see the list of items which they have bided for buying and the entire details about the selling items. All registered user will have their own IP logged for security.
Price: $175.00
PHP Auction Scripts

5. Webid Version 1.0.3

Webid Version 1.0.3 is an open-source auction script package. Although still in beta stages WeBid is one of the best open-source solutions for getting an auction site up and running quickly and cheaply. . Some of its key features are: WeBid has an easy to use administration panel; a user friendly installation process, which allows you to have your own auction site set up in minutes; an inbuilt payment system allowing your users to easily pay fees and their purchased items with their favorite payment gateways (these include PayPal, Authorize.Net). As well as being incredibly easy to edit to your liking.
Price: Free
PHP Auction Scripts

6. PhpProBid

PhpProBid is a Professional PHP based auction script to run your own auction site. PHP Pro Bid provides full support for reverse auctions i.e. it will enable you to run an enlace style site/service whereby buyers can source providers. It also features Digital Downloads, Make an offerBuyers where users can now make offers on listed items, Six High Quality Skins, combined Invoicing/Postage calculation, Direct Payment, etc. The improved PHP Pro Bid admin area provides you with absolute control over your auction web-site. From within the admin area you can:-Manage users, manage auctions, wanted ads, reverse auctions, Full fee and invoice control, customise categories. Thus, phpProBid is a complete auctioning software to develop a website for auction of products.
Price: $170.38
PHP Auction Scripts

7. TopAuction

TopAuction is an online auction script that includes all the most important features of the best auction sites around. Users can create accounts, place items for sale, and bid on other users’ auctions. Top Auction is 100% templateable; you can use the existing templates “out of the box,” or create your own templates that fit the design of your site. It also features an extensive administrative interface for you to control users, auctions, bids, and more. Top Auction even provides built in support for common payment processors like authorize.net, PayPal, and VeriSign. Site owner can create unlimited, nested categories for auctions to be placed in no time, it has Cookie-based login management, login expiration, and account suspension, users can set their auction to “featured” status so that it displays highlighted before other auctions and it also supports the ability to optionally require admin approval of all new accounts and auctions.
Platinum memberships start at $199.95.
PHP Auction Scripts

8. Bid2low

Bid2low is a reverse Php auction software where you can open your own website and run your own auction company. With Bid2low you can easily start earning your own money and find popular things that you can offer in an auction to the public. With built-in payment system PayPal and Swedish MO-sms, you will easily get started with your own auction business. The software provides an option of having either auctions with maximum bids or auctions on time. It also supports multiple Currencies and Languages and also watches for if your bid is the lowest or the highest.
Price: free
PHP Auction Scripts

9. PHPAUCTIONPRO version 2.0

PHPAUCTIONPRO version 2.0, an eBay Clone Script is newly released PHP auction script allows anyone to start an eBay style auction site. Allow others to list auctions on your site and charge a fee. This software is an enterprise level script that has the option for your very own payment gateway add-on as well as custom templates. The software comes with three templates; New style EBay, Ioffer template and old yellow eBay style template. It has full Backend Control Panel & Auction Management By Admin and also supports multiple Payment processor and PayPal Support (Buyer Protection-Optional) , RSS Feeds, etc. PHPAUCTIONPRO is user friendly, Search engine friendly and easily manageable for Site Administrator from one back-end administrator panel and can store tons of data. The Software is highly customizable with 100% open source codes, with easy navigation, flexibility and speed.
PHPAuctionPro STANDARD Version 2.0 PRICE: $399.99
PHP Auction Scripts

10. Auctions Factory

Auctions Factory is a comprehensive PHP Script for auction websites easy to configure and to use. The Script has an extensive HTML templating system that allows you to customize any aspect of your website. You can publish/unpublish several built-in Modules on your website just by one click. It features multiple Payment Gateways, Simple and Extended Search, Buy it Now, Bidding Suggestions, Extensive user rating system, Messaging systems and lots of other features ensure the versatility of this PHP script. There are several templates included in the software and is also multilingual.
Auctions Factory is a whole ecommerce framework that also includes content management and an extensive user management.
Price: $422 (Auction Factory Standalone + Installation+ Setup and Sample Data)
PHP Auction Scripts

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  1. D Hug says

    tried to buy phpauction from phpauction.info all i got was a useless script with a trojan dont use this script and pass on the warning, your site was very helpfull thank you keep up the good work.

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