Free Wiki Software to Start Your Own Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is one of the biggest free encyclopedias available on the Internet. Millions of users refer Wikipedia for various types of content. The project is operated by Wikimedia Foundation. It has been based on the openly editable model which means that users can create or edit content listed on Wikipedia. In fact, it is the biggest free online encyclopedia managed by millions of users.

What about creating a project similar to Wikipedia?

Well, you can start a website similar to Wikipedia or for your company’s internal knowledge management with the help of Wiki Software. Although there are various free and paid Wiki Software, how about using the software which is being used by Wikipedia.
Actually, Wikimedia Foundation uses MediaWiki Software in all of its projects including Wikipedia.

MediaWiki is a free open source web based Wiki Software Application which you can use as content management system, or for internal knowledge management of your company or for creating a website on the lines of Wikipedia. It is being used to run Wiki websites like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and Commons. MediaWiki is also being used to run thousands of other websites. MediaWiki has been written in PHP programming language and uses MySQL for database management.

MediaWiki – The Free Wiki Software
MediaWiki provides a rich set of features and includes the mechanism of extensions to provide additional functionality. MediaWiki is thoroughly equipped to manage large projects and can efficiently handle large content and thousands of hits every second. Its user interface is highly customizable and can be translated into more than three hundred languages. So in MediaWiki you can have a user interface in different languages of your choice.

Using MediaWiki you can easily modify pages and as well as publish dummy sentences. You can even edit any subsection of a page. You don’t need to have any programming skills to work with MediaWiki. The software is thoroughly customizable and provides more than 700 configuration settings. In MediaWiki, you can arrange images in galleries, a feature that is extensively used in Wikipedia to manage its media archive, Wikimedia Commons.

MediaWiki also supports the handling of rich content, which is generated by using specialized syntax. For example, you can render mathematical formulas with the help of LaTeX. You can manage other types of content in MediaWiki such as graphical timelines, musical scores, Egyptian hieroglyphs, etc.

One of its major highlight includes its ability to generate image galleries and thumbnails with relative ease. MediaWiki also supports Exif metadata. It comes with an interface so that you can use external editors for uploading files and wiki pages.

In MediaWiki, you can structure content using not only hyperlinks but can also employ namespaces and can use subpages, as well. You can extend MediaWiki functionality by using extensions. With the help of extensions, you can embed content such as HTML forms or Adobe Flash files. You can use extensions such as Ratings extension, YouTube inclusion, Flash inclusion; RSS feed inclusion, Category suggestion extension, etc.

So if you want to run a website similar to Wikipedia or want to maintain an internal knowledge management system for your company, MediaWiki web based Wiki Software Application can come as a smart choice for sure.

Download MediaWiki

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