4 Free Office Suites Best Alternative to Microsoft Office

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Microsoft office is most popular office suite from long time. People recognize office application just as Microsoft office. ManyOffice of them don’t know about any other office package. No doubt Microsoft Office is one of the best Office Package but it cost a lot.

If you are not interested in buying costly office suites like Microsoft Office then there are some best free alternative to Microsoft Office. Alternative doesn’t mean it only work like Microsoft Office these free office packages are as much powerful as MS Office. Here I am listing 5 free office alternative 2 of them are downloadable office application and 2 Online applications.

4 Top Free Office Suites

Offline Office Applications

1. Open Office: The fast name which comes as free office suite. Open Office is the best free office suite it will give you about all features as Microsoft Office. You can open MS Office files on Open Office without any problem. Open Office contains word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics, databases and more applications. There is lot of help and support all over for Open Office. Open Office is open source software, you can use it for any purpose like education, business etc. Not just that Open Office comes for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


2. IBM Lotus Symphony: A free office suite from IBM. Lotus Symphony is another alternative to MS Office. It contains word processor, spreadsheet, presentation etc. Its latest version supports MS Office 2007 file format means you can open MS Office 2007 files on Lotus Symphony. Many new features are introduced in every latest release. You can download IBM Lotus Symphony for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. 

Lotus Symphony

Online Office Suites

3. Microsoft Office Live: If you don’t want to go away from MS Office then you can use MS Office Online with Office Live. Office Live is online file storage and sharing site. With Office Live you can store files up to 5 GB and access them from anywhere. You can upload or create office files like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This gives you freedom of carrying file with you. Along with free storage you get access to work on office suite.

office live

4. Google Doc: Google Doc is another online file sharing and storing site which included powerful office productivity suite. On Google Doc you can upload and create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more files. You can open MS Office files on it. Having online office you can access you work from anywhere and Google Doc gives you lot more features to work together on same project online.


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  1. S H Yoon says

    Why not http://www.ThinkFree.com? In terms of UI it blows openoffice away = same UI = much less hair pulled out.
    I often forget that I am not working in office.
    Functionality is not equivalent to MS Office, but, for normal user, I hardly doubt that you will miss anything.
    Excel is always a problem due to addins.
    Ppt has no animation
    Word is what I use most & I can’t tell that it’s not MS.

  2. dieta kopenhadzka says

    Is this cms you use good for my first website ? I want to start blogging soon and looking for good platform.

  3. GeeWiz says


    I totally agree, I found SSuite Office much nicer than the other office suites. I can’t believe they have such a wide selection of office suites and software{All Free}. :-)

    They even have a full HD office suite that is only 27 MB in download size, now that is what I call efficiency!! 😀

    A must for the software geek on a budget! 😉

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