Free Antivirus for Mobile Phone

As smart phone users are increasing virus attacks are also increasing. Many smart phone users connect to Internet. A recentnetqin study shows that American mobile user invest same time on Internet from their mobile as much the spend talking on phone.

Even you are not connected with Internet your mobile is at virus attack risk. These viruses can remove your contact list and can use your phone number in any illegal activity without knowing you.

With Antivirus software you can prevent your mobile phone from viruses. There are many paid antivirus software for mobile phone but why to pay when you can get a good antivirus for free.

NetQin is free antivirus software for Mobile phones. NetQin Mobile Antivirus is the first mobile antivirus product that has passed the authoritative authentication by the Ministry Of Public Security and the product test made by the Research Institution of China Mobile, and is recommended by Nokia.Com. NetQin supports Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Nokia S40 operating system.

NetQin Features

Fast full scan
Timely and accurate real-time monitoring
Timely and economical on-line update

NetQin Screenshot



Download NetQin Antivirus


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