Responsive Magento Template Kirigami

RocketTheme has released many stunning Magento Templates in the past and carrying on this tradition further it has come up with yet another fantastic and powerful Magento Template. RocketTheme has recently come up with its 15th Magento Template. It has released the advanced, superbly designed and feature-rich Magento Template known as the Kirigami.

Kirigami Magento Template from RocketTheme brings a new era in the Magento Template design. Kirigami is the first Magento Template from RocketTheme which has a Responsive Design. Kirigami adopts itself automatically according to the viewing environment and you need not have separate layouts for different platforms. It is compatible with different digital devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, and Desktops. You need not run a separate mobile version for your e-store.

Kirigami Magento Template can gauge the width of the browser window and thus serves an appropriate CSS which is compatible with the type of device. So if, you are viewing a Kirigami powered e-store through a mobile device, you would get to see it’s mobile optimized version.

And that’s not the only feature in Kirigami that amazes you as you get lots of other stunning features too that makes e-shopping a great experience. Kirigami provides 10 style variations and as many as 12 integrated RokMage Extensions. These extensions enable you to customize and arrange the e-store according to your preferences and liking. The result is that you get to have a perfect e-store which suits your requirement and specifications. Kirigami provides a user-interface which is easy to use and thoroughly navigable too.

Seeing its features and capabilities, Kirigami Magento Template can be regarded as an excellent choice for your online store.

Magento Template Kirigami

Let’s have a quick round up of the main features of Kirigami Magento Template from RocketTheme:

  • 10 Preset Color Variations
  • ModalHeader extension
  • MageMenus extension
  • CategoryView extension
  • HomepageGrid extension
  • ProductScroller extension
  • ProductView extension
  • ContentSlider extension
  • ImageBorders extension
  • CmsCallouts extension

Download Magento Template Kirigami

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