5 Free Twitter Bulk Follow and Unfollow Services

To make lot of friends or promote your services Twitter is great tool for this. If you are only interested in learning from otherfollow-unfollow you follow other users but if you want friendship or promote your services other user should also follow you.

Creating big followers list can be boring job. Other thing if you are just interested in increasing followers then first you have to follow them then they follow you. If they not follow you then there is no use of following them. To make this task simple there are many free services which can help you to bulk follow or unfollow Twitter users.

5 Free Twitter Bulk Follow and Unfollow Services


1. Buzzom – Twitin – Twitin is a great free service which will suggest you users to follow according to your interest. Youtwitin can see who is following you and who is not. According to that you can unfollow those who are not following you. It is great free tool.

2. Friend Or Follow – Simple concept by Friend Or Follow – Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’sfriends-follow following you that you’re not following back? Find out! Yes this is what this service does. Yes this is also a free service.

3. Your Twitter Karma – This service also do some same thing as other service do. It will show your Twitter followers and whom you are following. This will help you to follow those entire users who are following you and unfollow who are not following you.

4. huitter – Mutuality– Another bulk follow and unfollow service. This service is free and unlimited for accounts count of huitterfollowings or followers is not more than 1800.

5. Un Tweeps – This service gives you little more. With this service you can Unfollow Twitter users who have not posted Tweets recently. You can choose from 30, 60 or 90 days and unfollow those users who have not twitted within these days.


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