Best Free WordPress Poll and Survey Plugins

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WordPress is a powerful blogging platform and provides numerous ways by which you can enhance its usability so that you are able to attract and retain visitors to your site or blog.

By Installing Plugins in your WordPress Blog, you can easily enhance and improve the features of your WordPress Blog.

One such useful WordPress Plugin that is highly used by bloggers is the Poll and Survey Plugin.

Here-under we have showcased a compilation of Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins which can enable you easily add polls or surveys into your WordPress blog or site.

Using WordPress Poll Plugin you can create and manage polls, surveys, quizzes, test, and quizzes for your WordPress blogs or sites. WordPress Poll Plugins help you to create an engaging experience for the visitors, and they like to revisit your site or blog again and again. So WordPress Polls and Survey Plugin you can retain the visitors for your blog and perhaps even increase the visitors count.

In the following post, you get to see the collection of Best Free WordPress Polls and Survey Plugins that can prove highly useful and beneficial for your WordPress blog. So have a look at the Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins and it is quite possible that you include one of them in your WordPress Blog.

5 Free WordPress Poll and Survey Plugins

1. WP-Polls

WP-Polls make it extremely easy for you to run a poll in your WordPress enabled blog post or page. It is one of the best free WordPress Polls Plugin. WP-Polls implements an Ajax poll system in your WordPress Blog. Moreover, it can be easily customized through css styles and templates. WP-Polls provide many options so that you can run and manage polls in your WordPress blog exactly according to your preferences and likes.
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2. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings is another very popular WordPress Plugin for creating and managing polls and ratings for your blog posts or pages from within the WordPress Dashboard. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings WordPress Plugin is extensively customizable. It provides numerous styles for polls with the facility to create multiple choice polls. With Polldaddy, you can create unlimited polls and can collect unlimited votes, as well. You can have a close date for your poll and can see the poll results as soon as they come. Its rating menu enables you to set-up ratings in your WordPress blog pages, posts, or comments. You can even customize your ratings.
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3. WordPress Simple Survey

Using WordPress Simple Survey Plugin you can create a survey, run a poll, quiz, or even a questionnaire in your WordPress blog. With WordPress Simple Survey, you can track user submissions. You can record, display and email the results, scores, and names using WordPress Simple Survey Plugin. It is a jQuery based Plugin which enables you to run a visually appealing survey or quiz without requiring to reload the page. Once a quiz or survey is submitted the user is directed to a predefined URL based on the score range. WordPress Simple Survey records all submissions and can even email results to predefined email address.
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4. WP Survey and Quiz Tool

WP Survey and Quiz Tool is another very useful WordPress Plugin with which you can easily create and manage surveys, polls, quizzes for your WordPress blogs. You can run an unlimited number of polls, surveys or quizzes and can even include multiple choice questions. Using WP Survey and Quiz Tool you can even send notification emails. You can further choose to send notification emails when a user obtains a certain score. It comes with various customization features too.
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5. SodaHead Polls

With SodaHead Polls Plugin, you can easily create and manage polls on your WordPress powered blog or site. SodaHead Polls WordPress Plugin enables you to collect the results of your polls in real-time. You can even display the results in real time too. SodaHead Polls is highly customizable. You get to customize the size, background skins and colors. You can even add images and videos in your polls through SodaHead Polls Plugin. With SodaHead Polls publishing the polls is also very easy as it comes with one-click post feature. You can set-up multiple choice polls too.
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We hope that you would have liked our above presentation of Best Free WordPress Poll Plugins. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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