5 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins

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Although WordPress is a highly powerful and widely popular Content Management System, it can also work as an Application Framework. WordPress can be used as Job Board Software for posting job vacancies and for taking job applications from your users.

In the following post, we showcase a collection of Best WordPress Job Board Plugins which can be used to post job vacancies and for submission of resumes and job applications.

WordPress Job Board Plugins provide an easy way out to integrate a fully fledged job board directly into your WordPress Site. We have taken care to include highly useful and popular Job Board Plugins in the list that follows. Some of these WordPress Plugins come for a price while the rest can be downloaded for free.

They are easy to use and can be installed like any other WordPress plugin. You can also customize the apply form fields. Admin can sort the job applications, approve, reject or can even delete job applications. You can also set job expiry date, as well. They are loaded with features and are highly advanced and powerful.

Now days, many businesses want job board directly integrated into their WordPress site. It makes sense as your users can view job postings and can apply to job listed directly through your WordPress based website. So in a way, you save on your efforts to promote your separate job site. You can utilize your already existing (and of course new users, as well) pool of users and show them the job listings available with you. You can post your own job openings or can even act as a mediator and showcase other job vacancies too.

So have a look at the following Best WordPress Job Board Plugins and we are pretty hopeful that you will get to have a suitable WordPress Job Board Plugins matching your business requirements and aspirations.

5 WordPress Job Board Plugins

1. WPJobBoard

WPJobBoard is one of the most innovative WordPress Job Board Plugin. This job board software works with almost every WordPress Theme. It can be easily customized and provides seamless WordPress Integration. WPJobBoard comes with easy, one click installation just like any other WordPress Plugin.

You can install WPJobBoard on any new or already existing blog. It has multiple marketing features. It can send automatic email notification and can also distribute jobs to job aggregation sites. It provides rich editing features, as well. You can add new fields to job board forms and can rearrange their order using drag & drop facility. Moreover, WPJobBoard provides extensive documentation and support too.
Price: Paid
WordPress Job Board Plugins

2. Resume Submissions & Job Postings

With Resume Submissions & Job Postings WordPress Plugin admin can post jobs on their website. Users can see the job postings and submit their resume. It allows the admin to look at the submitted resumes. They can edit or can also delete the submitted resumes. Resume Submissions & Job Postings Plugin also allows admin to sort the resumes by job. It has been Captcha enabled. You can use Widget to show job postings and can also send ‘Thank You’ email once the user submits resume. It also allows admin to save or download the submitted resume in PDF and has number of other features, as well.
Price: Free
WordPress Job Board Plugins

3. Zartis Job Plugin

Zartis Job Plugin is a highly useful WordPress Plugin which allows admin to post jobs in their websites. One can add job listings to WordPress site and can secure candidate management, as well. With Zartis Job Plugin you can have jobs page and can add and edit job vacancies that you post in a WordPress site. It makes candidate management (that apply for the jobs you post) really very easy. Using Zartis Job Plugin you can automate the recruitment process other than job postings and editing. It also allows to tweet your job positions and can also put the jobs into Facebook. With Zartis Job Plugin you can customize the look of your job page.
Price: Free
WordPress Job Board Plugins

4. WP JobBoard Pro

WP JobBoard Pro is a very useful WordPress Plugin that can be used for posting jobs and collecting job applications through a WordPress website. It allows users to apply for any job openings listed on WordPress site by filling in the application form. It is thoroughly customizable and easy to use and handle.
Some of its main features include:
Job Listings
Job Highlight
Job Applications
Filter applicants
Shortcode showing all jobs
Specify Date for job Expiration
Widget showing the latest jobs
And much more…
Price: Paid
WordPress Job Board Plugins

5. WordPress Jobbin

WordPress Jobbin is a publishing plugin that allows you to post multiple job types and job categories. Users can browse the posted jobs, apply to jobs, and can even add jobs. It allows administrator to approve or deny any job and controls publishing status, as well. The WordPress Jobbin plugin is highly customizable and you can control the way it works. It also allows you to feed jobs into another site.
Price: Paid
WordPress Job Board Plugins

We hope that you would have liked our presentation of Best WordPress Job Board Plugins. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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    Thanks for this post. While wordpress is my favorite platform can you explain which of the above is the BEST one for job boards/job posting? Do any of them allow wraps or importing external jobs?


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