10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

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Although, WordPress is a powerful blogging platform and is being used by millions of bloggers all around the world, but still to enhance your WordPress blog or website and have an edge over your competitors, you need to take some extra efforts.

Yes, we are referring to the use of WordPress Plugins.

WordPress Plugins easily enhance the features of your site or blog and help you to achieve search engine optimization besides addressing to various security issues and helping to increase users’ engagement too. In fact, WordPress Plugins adds lots of capabilities and supercharges your site with many powerful and useful features, as well.

Here under, we have listed 10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins that will greatly enhance your site for a better user experience. So if, you are running WordPress blog or are planning to start a new WordPress Blog, then these WordPress Plugins are a must for you in order to popularize and grow your blog.

The 10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins serves various purposes such as accomplishes SEO tasks, addresses security issues, optimizes website performance, provides various contact form options, achieves keyword optimization, backup database, show related posts on your blogs and many other tasks, as well.

So explore the 10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins presented below and you will definitely like to include them in your WordPress blog or website.

Best and Must-Have WordPress Plugins

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

2. Akismet

It’s important to recognize spam comments in your WordPress blog and exclude them from showing up in the comments section. Akismet WordPress Plugin uses the Akismet web service to check your comments for spam and further review them in the “Comments” Admin screen. It also generates Spam and Unspam reports besides performing many other functions too.
Must-Have WordPress Plugins

3. Google XML Sitemaps

Inclusion of Sitemaps enables the search engines to have a complete overview of your site’s structure and thus retrieve it easily for the users. With the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin, you can create XML sitemap and hence facilitate better indexing of your blog by the various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
Must-Have WordPress Plugins

4. Jetpack

Though WordPress is a powerful platform for blogging, still you need to enhance its features so as to have an edge over your competitors. With Jetpack WordPress Plugin, you can supercharge your site with many useful and powerful features. It lets you utilize WordPress.com’s amazing cloud power. You can include E-mail subscriptions for your posts, have WP.me URL shortener, have simple and concise stats, comment system with the social networking functionality and many others too.
Must-Have WordPress Plugins

5. Fast Secure Contact Form

By default, WordPress does not include the feature of having Contact Form for your site. But with Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin you can easily create and have contact forms in your WordPress site. It comes with multiple form options, form edit feature, provides Admin panel to create and preview contact forms, spam checking support and the facility to add fields such as checkbox, textarea, radio, text, etc.
Must-Have WordPress Plugins

6. Better WP Security

Addressing security issues is one of the most primary concerns for any webmaster or blogger using WordPress Platform. Login and admin area are the most sensitive places which need to be guarded against attack from hackers. With Better WP Security, you can patch many security holes in your WordPress site. It comes with one-click activation for features and provides many advanced security features, as well.
Must-Have WordPress Plugins

7. W3 Total Cache

Site performance is critical for user experience and so you need to optimize the web performance of your WordPress site. W3 Total Cache Plugin provides one of the most comprehensive performance framework and enhances the user experience of your website by improving on the server performance through caching. It works to reduce the download time and provides transparent CDN integration too.
Must-Have WordPress Plugins

8. BackWPup

Backing up data protects the content of your WordPress site. Using BackWPup Plugin you can easily do a backup of your database for your WordPress blog or site. Besides backup, BackWPup optimizes database, checks and repairs database, and also does file backup. You can have the backups in tar, tar.bz2, zip, tar.gz formats and store the backup at various places such as folder, Google Storage, Amazon S3, FTP Server, etc.
Must-Have WordPress Plugins

9. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

One of the effective methods to engage your visitors is to have your related posts in your site. Using Yet Another Related Posts Plugin you can have a list of posts related to the current entry. This way you can make the reader explore more of the relevant content easily and thus retain their interest in your WordPress blog or website.
Must-Have WordPress Plugins

10. Broken Link Checker

Links which when clicked show up error pages is referred as broken links. Occurrence of broken links frustrates the user and also hampers the ranking of your website or blog in the search results page of search engines. Broken Link Checker Plugin monitors your blog for broken links and notifies you if any broken link exists on your blog posts. You can then delete the broken links or can even edit the URL of such links.
Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Hope you liked this Must-Have WordPress Plugins list. Please share your views and don’t forget to share this post on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. says

    Hi Ravi,
    nice post with great information. Some of plugins listed above are not used by me but after reading this post I am thinking of tried them. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. says

    hi ravi
    nice post, all the wordpress plugins required for the website are given above. I use most of them, the best part is that they are free too.. However, wp-cache causes problem sometimes, can you provide another alternative..

  3. says

    Hello Ravi,

    Nice and important list of WordPress Plugins, which one should use. I am using most of them and looking forward to give a try to Fast and Secure contact form instead of contact form 7. Although jetpack also covers it. But it will be a better option to give it a try. Thank you for sharing your list.

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

    • says

      Hi Ganesh, Fast and Secure contact form is a good option, and I am using it on my another blog and works great. I feel it is light weight compare to Contact form 7.

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