How to Create an Impressive App Description for Apple App Store?

As a quality developer, designing a good and magnetic opening preface of your app for the Apple app store is of utmost importance. A good powerful app description helps to tempt the online users into downloading your app, amidst thousands of other apps.

How to Create an Impressive App Description for Apple App Store?

The Function of the App Description

o Tells the customers about the app and its advantages over other apps
o As a developer, it is your sales pitch, content written according to the nature of the app
o A clear and appealing app description can evoke curiosity and interest in the user’s mind
o It compels users to download the app to their device.

Smart Tips for Writing Superior Quality App Description for Apple App Store

Offer Power-Packed Introduction – Make optimum use of the first few introductory lines. They have the power to entice users and tell them all about your app in a nutshell. It should nourish the curiosity of the users and make them excited to use the app. Give prominence to the mega achievements of your app like earning a million likes or a powerful USP, etc.

Choose Descriptive Words – This is the time to use as many flowing adjectives as you can. Try to think from the customer’s viewpoint and deliver a great call to action line. If possible use the copy-writing rules such as KISS (keep it simple stupid) and SLAP (stop, look, act and purchase).

Stick to Honest Content – In your eagerness to attract customers, do not go overboard and exaggerate on the app functionalities. Keep it small, simple, straight and honest. Convey the user benefits and the best features of the app. All the details should be accurate and realistic.

Let the App be Easy to Search – Pen your app description in such a way that it facilitates easy to search within the App Store. Most search results are based on the name of the app and keywords used. Therefore, let the app description content hold clever keywords and other key features of the app.

Localizing the App – Most people would love to have an app that supports their local native language. Localizing an app is inexpensive and can attract local traffic resulting in increased downloads. There are many countries around the world where The English language is unpopular and natives only respond to those websites or apps that are presented in their own languages. As a developer, you can try localizing your app description, if not the whole app. You can get details from ‘local direct app store stats web page’ for more information on different languages and the localized apps.

Avoid Bland Localization of Apps – When you make an effective app description copy for localization; ensure the quality of the content doesn’t get compromised in the bargain. Offer the same alluring appeal and tone in all the localized language. A direct translation can look very foolish and naive.

Keep Updating – There is no rule that once you have written an app description, it cannot be changed. If you get a fantastic user feedback or a fitting review from a respected review website, then use that information to update or improve your app description. Also, if you add crucial app functionality or improvise an existing app feature, the app description too needs some editing to match the changes.

Good Testimonials – Many experienced app developers include a good dosage of testimonials for that extra effect. Socially acceptance and its proof can act an influential factor in bending the user mind to download your app. Moreover, if your app has been worthy of expert review on a popular website, and then the testimony is worth mentioning. A professional expert review column can have a very seductive description of your app, and you can use them wisely.

Helpful Links – As a developer, you can be highly benefited by cross-linking your app. While the website link and support links are normal, necessary linking, a social media link and link to any other apps created by you can indeed prove useful.

Avoid Common but Costly Mistakes

Common errors or pitfalls while creating a wondrous app description can land you in trouble. Avoid those mistakes to steer clear of negative reviews and low ratings. Silly mistakes such as typos, bad grammar, indistinct words, stuffing too many keywords, wrong target, the omission of crucial details, use of hyperbole and twisting the facts can send users the other way even before they consider your app for downloading.

Professional Developers and Their Work Style

All professional app developers follow some pattern and rules while developing an app and creating an awesome description. They conduct extensive research, then organize, plan, prepare keywords, pen down the description, make corrections, try to localize and make required updates. Some developers also hire talent pool of writers or an expert writer to craft app description. Editing and tweaking are conducted on a regular basis. It is also advisable to check the app description look on the Apple iPhone and iPad display.

As a quality developer, you really need to put some real efforts until the outcome is attractive and impactful. To localize your app, start with all the popular local languages that effect healthy downloads. A wonderfully crafted app description can do wonders for your app and your career as a superior app developer. Building your career and tasting success, all lies within your reach, you just need to focus and deliver that killer app that generates large-scale downloading.

Author Bio – Mehul Rajput is a CEO of Mindinventory – mobile app development company. He blog as hobby and love to write about mobile technologies, app development, and mobile app marketing.

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