Essential Smartphone Apps for Graphic Designers

If you are a graphic designer, then you no longer have to spend your days chained to a desk. The mobile broadband comparison to the desktop or laptop is simply no comparison anymore you can get the same amount of work done from your smartphone as you can from your computer. We have listed some useful Apps for Graphic Designers which will help you to do some good design work right on your phone.

Apps for Graphic Designers


The premier application for editing and publishing photos is now on your smartphone, and it is free. You can do minor edits on the go and file share quickly.

photoshop app

– Brushes


If you have a need to create paintings on the go, then Brushes is definitely the application for you. It was good enough of an app to warrant a cover story on the New Yorker
and definitely allows the right person with the appropriate amount of creativity to create some fantastic work.
– cliqcliq ColorsIf you just cannot find the right colours for your Brushes painting or your mobile website design, this app gives you the tools to discover, convert and manage colour palettes quickly and easily.cliqcliq

– Color Expert

The Color Expert app is full of colour libraries, and also contains many industry standard colour libraries, most with CMYK information, among them PANTONE f + h paper, PANTONE® f + h cotton, PANTONE® solid coated, PANTONE Goe™ coated, PANTONE® solid uncoated, and PANTONE Goe™ uncoated.


What the Font

If you see a great font on a billboard or in a magazine and you want to use it in your own work, simply take out your smartphone with this app, snap a quick picture, and What the Font will identify the font for you in a matter of seconds.

what the font

– The Typography Manual

The Typography Manual is one of the largest mobile apps on everything having to do with typing. You can look up everything from the history of typing to a list of graphic design tips, and much more. The app spans 60 full pages.


– Graphic Design Museumgraphic desigin museum

With the Graphic Design Museum, you can easily view images and video interviews from within the Graphic Design Museum collection. You can peruse the entire collection at your leisure and even leave comments below the designs. The application also gives you information about activities going on at the museum including the upcoming exhibitions.



If you start creating so much that you do not have room to keep it all in the memory of your smartphone, you can upload any or all of your files to the Cloud with the Dropbox application. This is an absolute must have app for the prolific graphic designer. This also adds a layer of protection to your most important work, as it will no longer be accessible from your smartphone directly if you so choose.


As applications continue to be developed for the graphic designer on the go, there is no doubt that the mobile broadband comparison to the worlds of laptop and desktop will indubitably swing in the direction of the mobile phone and application.

Guest Post: Article written by Spencer Hogg from the mobile broadband comparison website, Broadband Expert.

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    Hi! your screensorts are amazing which mae in photoshop. it will helpful for graphic designer. i assure they get info from your post. thanks!

  2. I have to watch myself with these or I’d load up my phone (even AT&T’s 4g LTE network can’t handle it). I’m in Dallas and my graphics design work has been a lot more fun since the smartphone entered the world. Not sure I’m more productive, though!

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