Effective Leadership Qualities

Are Leaders born or made? This could be the one the most difficult question to answer. Whenever you ask any successful leader what qualities one should have to achieve this kind of success do one need to take any training or classes they might answer you I was just being myself so that means effective leadership qualities cannot be acquired from any training or classes.

Leaders are born not with highest IQs or Technical Skills they also have to acquire all these qualities but one thing the most of the good leader have in common they all have a good level of emotional intelligence they know how to make others follow them because a leader needs followers to become a leader.

Effective Leadership Qualities

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognizing emotions and realizing how to use these emotions to make our employees productive and effective. So when you know a person’s emotions than you probably understand them more clearly and able to manage good relations with them.

A person is a leader because of its followers but why people follow him or her why not others. If you manage a team at work or if you are a captain of any sports team or you are a CEO of some big corporations so in this post we try to tell you about what qualities a good leader has and how you can be benefited from it.

Must-Have Leadership Qualities


1. Trustworthy – if you want people to follow you first you have to win their trust for this your focus should not be self-centric your focus should be people centric to become trustworthy to your followers.

2. Enthusiastic -You have to enthusiastic about your work and also your role as leader if you are not passionate about your work you will not able to make others passionate about it. You should be the source of inspiration people should be open to you they will able to respond to you more openly.

3. Confident – you should be confident of what you are doing that is also act as a source of confidence to your followers and also whatever you are doing is right and you are leading them to the right direction.

4. Maintain The calm – in the difficult situation you should not lose your calm leader have to function in orderly and purposeful manner because in an uncertain situation people will look forward to you as you are a leader so a good leader never loses its temper and make good decision to face uncertainty.

5. People-centric – A good leader should not be self-centric he or she should be people centric because people with just a self-focused purpose are not leaders at all. They are dictators, thugs, dons, or bullies. Leader’s interest should not be different from the interest of the institution. Leader interest must be aligned to the interest of its institution or society or organization.

6. Committed – As a good leader you have to be committed to your work and even be proactive for the task prepare yourself beforehand if you want yours follows to follow you let them follow your good qualities and commitment to the work.

7. Communication – you have to know how to communicate your message keep in your mind that your message should be easy and it can be easily understood by your audience without this communication skill you will not able to express your thoughts it’s like traveling alone.

8. Visionary – you must be visionary, you should able to understand the big picture. Only a visionary leader can make a strategic plan for the victory and this vision comes from passion.

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” – Jhon C. Maxwell

Every successful leader tends to have certain traits, self-confidence and positive attitude are most essential to be a successful leader because people are like be around those persons who have confidence in themselves. Positive attitude helps you to gain confidence in yourself a positive mindset gives you the positive energy which motivates you to believe in yourself, believe in your work.

All these traits cannot be gain overnight it takes time and practice over and over. You cannot also be a good leader by dictating on your team you could be a good leader only if everyone wants to work with you. Being a good leader is a lifelong learning process and as long as you open to this learning most people will be happy to go on the journey with you.

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