9 Email Marketing Predictions For 2016 That You Must Know

Email marketing is the most effective method of driving the sales to the business. Emails have always remained an important medium of communication among the retailers, business personnel as well as the customers. Stats have projected that number of email accounts are expected to grow nearly to 5.2 billion by the end of the current year; therefore, email marketing can prove to be the required sales medium channel.

More than 74% of email marketers believe that such kind of marketing offers the best return on investment. Because of this reason, it is important to be aware of various aspects of email marketing. As the current year is dedicated to responsive and mobile designing, let’s find out the predictions for the next year!

Email Marketing Predictions For 2016

1. Real-Time Personalization

To reap the benefits of the email marketing campaigns, the marketers will blend the technological advancements creatively. As we have already been witnessing the remarkable development in the field of software and tools in the year 2015; therefore, the benefit of the technology is sure to offer the better returns to the marketers. Moreover, these tools will help the marketers in the execution of cross-channel lookups, thereby providing targeted real time content to prospects that would take the marketing campaign to a whole new level.

2. Smarter Email Clients

Email clients have already become smarter with the evolution of new technologies. They have already started organizing your emails based on the priority (depending upon your previous email reading habits). As per the email reading habits of the subscribers, email clients are expected to categorize the mails to offer more organized services to the clients. To serve the subscribers in more decent manner, email clients will be seen using the better and proven techniques to get the attention of the subscribers.

3. Single Focused Marketing Campaign

In order to entice the subscribers, email marketing campaigns will focus on the clients with a single message. Besides this, messages will comprise a unique blend of creativity and the technology with some of the popular icons that are making their ways in. For example, use of “browse the latest button” at the place of “buy now” icons. More white space will be allowed in the messages to ensure the better tap targets. Well, responsive design will keep winning the hearts of the clients.

4. Big Data In Email Campaign

Big data predictions will augment the reach of email marketing campaigns to the distinct clients. With the behaviour intelligence techniques, companies will follow the pattern that will be helpful in grabbing the greater attention of the subscribers. Email marketing campaigns will also be designed depending upon the market research and the database collected. Predictive analytics will also play a major role in predicting the behaviour of the clients as per the response of their email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Predictions

5. Productive Use Of # (Hashtags)

The use of # (Hashtags) in the subject line can be beneficial as it can contribute to the open rates. # (Hashtags) has gained major popularity with the evolution of Twitter and thus, everyone, especially teenagers utilize this frequently. # (Hashtags) mailings have been seen generating a modest lift of 4.8% in the open rates. Therefore, the technique is likely to become one of the favorites while executing the email campaigns in the years to come.

6. Great Benefit From Marketing Automation Tool

With the combination of traditional marketing approaches such as content management, SEO, etc. and the marketing automation suites, the benefit is sure to provide greater returns to the email marketer. In the coming year, the mobile marketing automation is sure to offer desired benefits to the email marketing campaign. The benefit for the business with the help of such campaigns can be doubled or tripled.

7. Micro-Targeting Will Be The New Buzz

The approach of sending quality and informative content will continue to grow with the smart targeting techniques that companies use to target the audiences. Companies are likely to cross-check the interest of their subscribers through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to serve them the content of their interests. Such channels can be leveraged for micro-targeting through emails.

8. Channel Specific Experience

HTML5 and CSS trends will evolve more and more to help create innovative layouts. For providing the best channel specific experience to the users, there should be a strong support of the designs and the code to create a great viewing experience for the users. For example, for Outlook users, there is a basic static layout whereas mobile users can experience the effect of animated designs when viewing mails on mobile devices.

9. Strong CTA Placement

CTA can generate leads even if emails are not opened by the subscribers. These buttons captivate the attention of the subscribers and entice them to open the emails. This generates the lead for the business. As it is known that the placement of CTA matters, proper placement of this element can prove to be beneficial for the email campaigners.

These trends are going to rule the web in the near future; therefore, it is advised to shift your focus towards these trends. Utilizing these soon-to-be trends in the web, email marketers can benefit extraordinarily in near future. These useful trends can also help to increase the subscribers’ list for the business.

Author bio: The Andrew Hudson is an experienced email marketer at EmailChopper and has a keen interest in keeping himself updated with the innovative email marketing practice that rules the web now and then. He also shares useful information with readers through engaging blogs.

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