What Are Explainer Videos and How They Can Increase Sales?

The business environment is becoming tougher day by day.

It’s equally challenging if you are online. There’s a constant pressure to increase sales.

In view of this competitive business environment, entrepreneurs are looking for new and effective sales strategy to maximize their reach, increase website traffic, conversions, and sales.

Well, you may have a great product or service, but it’s of no use if you are not able to market it and gain high sales volume from it. It’s not that you have not done your efforts. You may have done every single effort to increase sales and propel your business growth.

However, it is just not enough.

Other than performing SEO efforts and increasing you’re spending on Adwords, you need something “extra”.

Actually you need to implement a new sales strategy in order to increase your business sales.

If you are one of those who wish to take their business in the next level, then there’s a way out for you. There’s a new and perfect strategy that can help you to improve customer engagement and increase your business sales.

And that golden sales strategy comes in the form of an Explainer Video.

The use of explainer video on your sales page can surely help you to rocket your business sales. Using an explainer video you can increase the mileage that you derive from your existing website traffic. In fact, explainer videos are so effective in increasing business sales that they can increase your sales by almost 3 times your present sales. With Explainer Videos, you can easily increase your sales and revenue.

Now let us see what exactly an Explainer Video is and how they can increase sales.

What is an Explainer Video?

An Explainer video is basically a short video that provide information to your users and potential customers about your company’s product, service or idea. These video explanations are set up on your website. They give valuable information about the services and products that you are offering to your targeted or potential customers.

An Explainer Video can review your product or service. It can show its uses, benefits and features so that the targeted audience gets absolute clarity about your products or services. They are nicely animated and are successful in establishing an emotional connects with your targeted audience. They carry interesting videos about your company’s product or service and are highly appealing to your prospective customers.

In a short span of few minutes, your prospective clients get to know all the important details about your company’s products or services. They serve as a valuable addition to your overall sales and marketing strategy.

Why Explainer Videos are so effective in increasing sales?

Well, results have shown that explainer videos are highly effective in increasing your sales and revenue. There are great many reasons for this. Actually people are more inclined to watch a video than to read textual matter. Videos have gained popularity all around the world, and you get millions of viewers for television shows, movies, DVDs, and video games.

Likewise, explainer video appeals to their senses more than anything else. Explainer Videos have a profound effect on people as they are successful in touching their emotional spot. People like to buy a product or service when they feel an emotional connect with it. Explainer videos help to create this emotional connect. It is the pictures and not words which appeal to them and explainer videos just use that aspect quite brilliantly.

Explainer videos easily capitalize on your customers’ interest in a highly effective and efficient manner. Studies reveal that video explanations have helped the companies to increase their revenue by almost twenty percent. The best part is that Explainer Videos provide more information to your customers and that too in less time. So you get your message across to your customers straight away in a short span of time. Explainer videos are entertaining and at the same time educational too. They add more value and meaning to products or services that you are promoting through your website.

Actually customers prefer to watch videos than reading texts. A study has shown that videos are easy to remember. Moreover, visitors remember 90% of any video in a site. Hence you should use explainer videos as an integral part of your sales strategy.

Benefits of using Explainer Videos

Increase in Conversion Rates

Explainer Videos are instrumental in increasing Conversion Rates. People are easily convinced about the usefulness of a product or service once they see an explainer video for it. Explainer videos deliver the message quickly across to your potential clients and that too in an interesting and appealing way. In fact, according to a recent research it has been found out that 85% of people are more likely to purchase a product once they view an explainer video for it.

Helps to bring out the objective of your Product

Explainer Videos are highly efficient in bringing out the objective of your products or services. The medium is highly appealing to the people as they clearly show the benefits and functions of your product. This way it helps you to connect with your target audience in a much better way.

Increases Interest of your Target Audience

It’s a fact that more than 70% of internet users see videos online. Another important fact is that social media is being highly used to promote products and services online. Using Explainer Videos in social media tends to popularize your company’s products and services amongst the target audience.

Your Search Engine Rankings Improve

Websites with explainer videos are ranked better on search engine results page. Such websites gain high exposure and are ranked high in search results.

You’re Website Traffic Increases

Explainer Videos have inherent potential of “going viral”. They are numerous brands, which have gained widespread popularity just because they have used explainer videos in their websites. Some prominent examples include Apple iOS 5, Dove, Old Spice, etc. Actually explainer video become highly popular with the target audience and thus tends to increase your website traffic.

Increases Audience Engagement

Explainer Videos incorporates audio, video, pictures, flashy animations, colors, fonts. All these elements are greatly liked by Internet users. A well crafted Explainer Video with engaging visuals and solid pitch instantly captures the attention of your audience. When you use Explainer Videos, you provide a medium due to which users stay on your website and probably end up with desired action such as buying out your products and services.

Easily Shareable

Explainer Videos can not only be viewed on your site they can as well be loaded on YouTube and Vimeo thereby making them easily shareable.

So, if you want to improve your customer engagement and augment your business sales then the use of Explainer Video can come out as a perfect sales strategy.

Moreover, if you want to build compelling Explainer Videos, you can take professional help from online video production services.

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