How To Find Which CMS Platform Is Best Suitable For Your Website?

Selection of your CMS has a greater impact on the amount of visitors to your website. This will also affect the time that your visitors and clients are spending on your website. Choosing a correct CMS is compulsory if you want your website to perform well online. If you search for it online you will get more than 1000 options to select the best CMS for your website but which one is actually good for you? This is the confusion almost more than 70% of business persons are dealing with.

How To Find Which CMS Platform Is Best Suitable For Your Website?

Here in this post we will give you some tips and tricks to find out your best suitable CMS for your website. Let’s give it some attention.

1. CMS Should Be Relevant To Your Website

The CMS that you decide to choose for designing your website must have to be really good in whatever function your website is going to serve. You must know the nature of your website like if it is going to be a static website and will be working like an online brochure or it is going to be a fully functioning eCommerce website or you are providing your users with a very huge and heavy website loaded with photos, videos, and audio files.
Whatever it has to be, you have to define its function and then choose the CMS that can serve this purpose well. If images play the major role on your website, then you have to search for the CMS that support these media files in the best possible way.

2. CMS Should Work Spontaneously

Please make sure that when your average user is trying to open up the backend of your website, they should easily be able to perform the basic functions of your website. There must not be too much of instructions for handling the website. Elements present on the website should be marked or labelled independently. The functions like posting a new page on the website, changing and applying new themes, modifying the page, or other simple functions needs to be relatively simple for every type of computer user.

Not everybody is well on hands with computer, and these CMS have to be easily accessible and easy to operate by any kind of a person.

3. Backend Should Be Standardized

When working on the backend of your CMS, things have to work in an easy way and similar way. A good CMS always have a standardized format which makes it easy for people to make modifications at the backend. If one section is using the drop-down menu for making your selection, then a standardized CMS will provide the similar way of using the other menus as well. There will be no radio buttons or some other type of selector. Use similar words and same menu style to make things easy. Using things differently will be confusing, and your CMS won’t be a good one then.

4. The Backend Should Be Well Organized And Should Be Logical

While choosing a CMS, check for the backend layout. It needs to be logical and should be well organized. By saying logical and well organized we mean that all the functions like editing, changing themes, working with sidebars or creating some new content should be grouped together or should function in a similar manner. On the other hand, some CMS keep all the related things on the page on a single place, plugins to the other page, sidebars to the other page, and so on. Hence they are laid logically and once you understand the basic structure of the CMS, it will become really easy for you to figure out where the things are going and where else they are supposed to be going.

5. Right CMS Has To Be Short And Simple

One more thing that will help you in choosing your CMS is that it should be short and simple to use. There should be no over functionalities that you are never going to use. It should have minimum of features that you can use easily. It is completely your choice and the choice completely depends upon the type of website you are having.

6. Correct CMS includes a WYSIWYG editor.

WYSIWYG editor will make your life very easier. Maximum of people do not know how to deal with HTML and do not even bother to learn but they know how to use italic or bold text and using the header text for making their content look creative and creating sections within their pages. A WYSIWYG editor will make all the things easy and possible for all the non-tech-savvy users.

7. Right CMS Always Create Should Have Simple Code And Easy Loading

The CMS that you have to select for your website should have two more properties to work well for you. One is that the pages that it will produce needs to be simple. The code of those pages should be very simple and easy to organize. It should not give your website with a ton of extra code or some unused functionality in the final page of coding. Extra coding and extra functionality will only slow down the loading time of the page.

8. It Should Be Easy To Handle By Non-Technical People

Generally when you talk to the people about editing a website, they say that it is the work of a technical web designer but not theirs. But this is an exception with a good CMS platform. It is easy to handle, and access, and even a person who does not know anything about designing a website but has some basic knowledge about the things can very easily manage the CMS.

So if you think that the CMS that you have decided to work with fulfill all these 8 criteria, do not wait and finalize it. CMS are important for your online website and has to be easy to access in case any business person needs to edit the things on his own.

Author Bio: Kristy Bernales is working with a leading website designing firm in Melbourne – and Super passionate about design and the web. Her innovative ideas and creative designs are always praised. She likes to share her ideas by writing blogs about web designing. Catch her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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