How Images can help to Increase Conversion Rate

Getting traffic to your blog can be a real challenge for many bloggers or webmasters.

As the internet has millions of websites, getting traffic of visitors to your site or blog can become a huge task for you. You invariably require doing many things in order to drive traffic to your site.

Moreover, the volume of traffic determines the conversion rate and so affects the sales figures or your overall profits.

So, how would you going to increase conversion rate?

Well, a high conversion rate actually means that you are running a successful online business. Being a blogger or webmaster your main aim is to have a successful online business model, and for that you require a high conversion rate.

You can increase the conversion rate for your site by doing SEO tasks, by promoting your site through social media channels, doing internet marketing, by writing quality content, by optimizing your site, by having user friendly website or blog, and many other things, as well.

Apart from the above techniques, there is one more effective and powerful way, to increase the conversion rate for your website.

And that is by using Images in your blog posts and pages.

In fact, images can turn out to be a excellent tool for increasing traffic to your blog and eventually boost up the conversion rate.
Effective use of images in your blog posts or pages increases the visitor’s engagements. It facilitates the visual appeal of your site’s posts or pages. Visitors feel comfortable and easy in going through the content posted on your site. Using right images at right places you can significantly enhance their overall interest and understanding.

Images can help to Increase Conversion Rate

For example, consider a site selling a gadget such as a camera. If you just describe the features without putting up an image, the visitors would not be able to identify and appreciate the product. Your visitors then leave your website and search some other site which shows its image in detail. With a clear view of the product, they can easily decide whether they want to buy the product or not.

Thus having an image certainly helps to increases the conversion rate.

While you add images to your posts, you need to pay attention to some aspects so as to make the exercise bear excellent results for you in terms of increase of traffic, visitors’ engagements and as well as conversion rate. As every blogger or webmaster cannot be a proficient photographer, you need to take proper steps in order to ensure that adding images can eventually increase the conversion rate.

Here, we illustrate certain important points which show you how Images can help to Increase Conversion Rate. While adding images, you can follow these points to enhance the conversion rate and increase visitors’ engagement to your site.

Focus on Quality rather than Quantity

While using Images in your post particularly take care to focus on Quality rather than Quantity. So you should add images which are not too small, clearly visible, preferably be colorful and bright, together with good pixel quality. Generally images which are above, 400pixels deliver satisfactory viewing quality.

Use Detailed View

If you have a site which sells products, then use images which give a detailed view of the products. You can include images which show each part of the product in detail. Suppose you are selling camera on your website, then including photos which show its top view, side view, front view, and back view would help the visitors get a clear view of the product. This would facilitate and ease their decision making function.

Use Contextual Images

Rather than just using images of the products, prefer contextual images, which prove more useful to visitors. Contextual Images bring out the real benefits, usefulness and beauty of the products. For example, rather than just showing the image of the earrings, use an image which shows a lady wearing that earrings so that the visitor can imagine how it will look when actually worn.


Use Zoom-in Feature

If your website is selling products, having Zoom-In feature enables visitors to get a better and clear view of the products. So your visitors get a good idea about the design, look and feel, color and features of the products you are showcasing in your website. They get to know where exactly they would get to see the feature in the product and how the product looks as a whole. This helps the visitors to decide they require the product and thus facilitate their purchase decision.

Use Optimum Image Size

Besides the quality of the image, you need to take into account the size of the Image, as well. So the actual image size does matter in driving traffic to your site. The image size should not be too large, and it should not be small either. In fact, it should be of the optimum size. Visitors do not like to scroll to view the whole image if the image is large in size and they hate and ignore small images.
So you should pick up an image size which is smoothing and easy to view for the visitors. You can use an Image Editor, like Snagit Editor, to resize the width and height of the image so that it takes the optimum size. Generally, images which have width of around 600pixels, are considered having optimum size.

Use Images, which relate to the Content or Show the Product image

When adding images to your website posts or pages, you should take care not to include images just for the sake of doing so. Moreover, you should only add images which relate to the content or show the product. Other than this, the images would not serve the purpose for which you have included them in your post. On the contrary, the visitors may feel irritated and can choose to leave or close your website. So you should have a reason for including an image in your post and it should invariably relate to the content or show the product if you really want to increase the conversion rate.

Use Creative Images

Although you can use Stock images in your post, but it would be much better if you prefer and use creative images. Remember the fact that creative images are unique and serve to increase the visitors’ engagement. The visitors to your website get to see unique, beautiful, awesome, colorful images when you use creative images. Well, you can choose to photograph and even can buy unique and creative images from online photo libraries. It is also seen that visitors like the images of real people rather than stock images and cartoons.

How Images can help to Increase Conversion Rate
Use Product Image in Search Window of the Site

Online Shopping websites stand to benefit and can increase their conversion rate by using product image in the search window of their site. Research has revealed that shopping sites using automated drop-down menu which show product image in the textual results have been successful in increasing conversion rate through site search by almost 15%, which is a good number by any standards. So, instead of just textual results, using product images along with the text results in the site search window helps to augment the overall conversion rate of your site.

Use Image File Name which is Keyword Rich

Image File name also plays an important role in determining the conversion rate. Posts which have an image file name related to the content or have an image file name which is keyword rich get more prominence in the search results. So you can improve your visitors count and hence also increase the conversion rate too. For example, if you have written about how to make fruit cake and added an image to it, then you can name the image file as “fruit-cake-recipe.jpg”.

Do Not Forget to Double Store Your Images

Apart from adding images in your blog posts or websites, you can also save the images in your Facebook as well as Google+ accounts. So in a way, you are double storing the images which you have added in your blog. Then you can give backlink to your site, which can give you more traffic of visitors. People are likely to share your post when they see it on social media sites. Thus, when you double store your images, you tend to promote your blog post and increase the conversion rate.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest can be an excellent source of traffic of visitors to your site and thus can lead to increase the conversion rate. You just need to pin the image in your blog on Pinterest and then organize this pin in relation to certain parameters. That’s all. Your pin would be available to visitors on Pinterest which can click your pin to come to your blog post. So you get to increase the visitors and ultimately can also affect the conversion rate.


Follow Copyright Norms

Although you may get the perfect image for your blog post over the web, but most of the times they might be copyrighted. If you come across a perfect image which is protected by copyright, then remember to take permission before using them in your blog posts. So follow copyright norms. Some photographers may even allow you to use their images in free, but you should make it a trend to seek permission to use their photos or images. They can ask you to pay the fees so do the needful before using the perfect picture in your blog or site. Apart from helping you to increase conversion rate, this would help you to build better relationships with them and lets you protect your site reputation and brand value too.

Though the above steps are not exhaustive in any way, but can certainly help you to use images to good effect for increasing conversion rate. So from now onwards, you would not be confused about How Images can help to Increase Conversion Rate.

Images have a great potential to increase your website traffic and conversion rate. You just need to utilize them effectively and efficiently in your blog post or website.

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  1. Warning: we can’t guarantee larger images will always increase conversion rates . No one can tell you that. Your brand, web pages and site visitors are all unique, so what will work can’t be predicted with a simple best practices guideline.

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    Schwan’s (home delivered food service) has one of the highest conversion rates among e-commerce sites , and when you go to their site you can sense that it’s based on their juicy images.

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