IM-Creator – The Free and Powerful Online Website Builder

Are you planning to create a website?

Well, as a matter of fact you have plenty of options at your disposal in order to create a website.

You can take the services of a professional website designer or can even choose an online website builder.

Having said this, you would definitely not like to take a complicated route. At any point of time, you would appreciate a simple, elegant and of course cost effective way of creating a website.

In this context, IM-Creator – The Free and Powerful Online Website Builder; comes a handy solution for creating a website in a simple and easy way.

imcreator Online Website Builder
Although the market is flooded with lots of online website building tools, the fact remains that it is extremely difficult to find a worthy and decent website building tool. Most of the DIY website building solutions come up with confusing and complicated interfaces, offer design restrictions and have hideous templates. It’s a sheer waste of time and effort working with such website building tools.

IM-Creator is one such online website building tool which stands out from the crowd of website building solutions both in terms of style, as well as functionality.

IM-Creator is simple, effective, comprehensive, elegant, richly featured and affordable online website building solution. It offers features and functionalities that you will definitely prefer to use it rather than hiring a professional website designer.
Moreover, it is free to sign-up, and you can start building your website instantly using IM-Creator.

IM-Creator facilitates HTML creation through its Drag and Drop editor. No programming skills are required. You can select a design or can even make a new one too. It comes with an enormous collection of superb and beautiful templates. With IM-Creator, it is thoroughly easy to create, maintain, update and promote your website. Above all, it offers an affordable pricing for hosting, domain, and email.

imcreator Online Website Builder
Talking about its usability and features, IM-Creator provides an interface which is extremely simple and easy to use. With IM-Creator, you can create your website from scratch. It provides you with a blank page and facilitates your website creation with a navigation menu. By clicking on the ‘Add an Element’ button, you are provided with a set of buttons with which you can add elements such as picture, video, gallery, title, slideshow, paragraph, etc. Further you can click on the ‘Settings’ button to set and perform tasks such as page size & color, backgrounds, SEO, presets, etc.

For example, you can click on the Picture button which shows a photograph in the canvas. You can resize and drag the image in your preferred area of the canvas or page. Clicking on the picture you can do several other functions such as replace the picture, crop it, set info, do social settings, perform advance functions as well as various other tasks.

Like this, you can design your website using other elements of IM-Creator.

On the whole, the IM-Creator package is flexible, easy to use, feature-rich and powerful. Creating a website is a pretty pleasant experience with IMCreator free site creator. It can be a useful website building tool for webmasters who wish to take simple and cost effective route of building a thoroughly professional website.

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