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Being successful in the online world depends on various factors. One such really important factor is protecting your online content from thieves. Well if you’re online content is copied at various locations, it will have a bad impression on the Search Engines and your overall rankings take a beating and this affects your overall business.

So if you get to know that you have your content copied or if you can make sure that your online content cannot be copied elsewhere wouldn’t it be a great for your online business or blog. You have to remove or Takedown Copied Content immediately.

Well with DMCA you stand a great chance to protect your digital content from getting copied. Actually, DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and DMCA.com is a company which protects your digital copyright information.

When you have website content, you need to ensure that it is well protected. Once it is copied, your website ranking takes a serious hit on the search engine results page. So it is not enough to have original, unique content on the online platform on websites, it is also necessary to have the full protection of your website content. Your Content is “King” only when it is protected through DMCA or DMCA.com.

Yes, it is really painful to see your content being copied on other sites. You need a mechanism which ensures that your content is saved from attacks of plagiarism. When you can take the support of the global leader in DMCA Copyright Infringement Takedowns why to go elsewhere. DMCA.com ensures that it take down the stolen content removed. It is a 100% Guarantee from their side.

They have a team of top professionals who ensures that stolen content is tracked and removed immediately. The takedowns include blog content, images, videos, websites, and much more. With DMCA Takedowns, you can be assured 100% with a money back guarantee. Further, it needs to be understood that DMCA.com Protection Badge helps protect original or copyrighted content.

DMCA.com Protection Badge
So when you register for Protection Badge with DMCA.com, there are certain advantages that you get instantly. First and foremost you are entitled to receive 1 Free DMCA takedown per year if your content is stolen. Monitor your protected pages, and be entitled to receive Protection Status Certificate to deter content theft.

DMCA.com ensures that your hard work stays intact on your website. If this is on a regular basis, it just requires registering up with DMCA.com and taking the professional help from the masters of takedowns. For getting your content removed from another website you have to file a DMCA Takedown. Besides filing DMCA Takedown, you have to submit the name and location where you found your stolen content.

DMCA client list is getting bigger day by day. It includes people who have found their personal content hosted on another website without their permission. It also includes organizations who have found their content published on another website(s) without their permission. Examples of stolen content that DMCA.com work upon or takedown include Pictures, Videos, Text, Applications, Profiles, Programs, Games, etc. The fact that the content should be yours to request DMCA.com to process takedown is enough.

DMCA.com provides two methods for filing DMCA Takedown. One is Professional Takedown Services and second is Do It Yourself Takedown Service. Both the Takedown Services follow and adhere to the stipulations which are written in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. As per DMCA.com, generally, it removes your stolen copyrighted content within 24-48 hours. However, there are certain exceptions too. For example: If ISP/OSP is located outside the USA.

So in my opinion, DMCA.com is one of the best ways to protect your website content. The best thing with DMCA.com is that its basic package is free. However, it has Pro Package also with loads of useful features. It also offers other services which are available at premium pricing at $199. For example, take-down service is available at $199. The best thing about DMCA.com is that with its free service package you get to understand how the process and the program work.

The DMCA.com services alert you whenever your content is stolen or seen elsewhere. So with DMCA.com, you have an opportunity Protect your hard work on your website. Thus, they allow you to reach to your true earning potential. They have a great customer support with phone and email support. It is a must for bloggers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone who want to protect their online content from thieves. It can be anything that is visible online.

So DMCA.com is a unique and powerful way to protect all of your online content. It provides all the tools which make sure your content is protected 24×7.

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