Should You Use a Template for Your Website?

There is no longer a need to be a professional web designer or to have in-depth graphic design skills in order to have a great website for your store, business, or portfolio. Existing web templates make it possible for amateurs to set up websites. There are a lot of advantages and some setbacks to using existing web design templates for your website.

Benefits Of Using Templates

For most people, using an existing web template for a website is the best choice. This is primarily because most people are not experts at web design. Most website hosting sites will also offer web design as a part of their hosting subscriptions. This makes it easier for a person or business to keep all their website management within one platform. People can choose from a wide range of pre-existing website templates. These templates are designed by web designers, so they are effective. Although there is already a template, the owner of the site will have the opportunity to customize it and tweak the site how they prefer. This ensures that the site remains unique to the person or business. Web design templates also allow acceassibility for people who cannot afford expensive web designers. Being on the internet is a necessity to survive in business, and some small businesses might be hindered from this due to budget constraints. Web templates also take a shorter time to set up, because the building blocks already exist. This means that a website can be up and running in practically no time. Readymade websites templates are also preferred by people who are not experienced with design because they are much easier to maintain and implement. There is little need to know things like web coding, although some knowledge can be beneficial.

Should You Use a Template for Your Website?

Disadvantages of Using Templates

Custom web design is preferred by many people or companies. Unlike website templates, custom build website have a unique design. With the right web designer, a web design can be customized exactly the way a person desires. Web templates are used by hundreds of other websites. Although this means that it is an effective web template, your website can end up looking like many others. If you need to be able to customize your website specifically, you are better off going with a professional website design company. Some web templates may not be coded in a way that makes them easily accessible on mobile devices or on all browsers. It is crucial to understand the limitations of a web template before committing to one.

If you have a small business that is just getting started in the eCommerce field, or if your website will only require a simple design, a pre-existing web template design is likely the best choice for you. There are a lot of choices and options that people can choose from to build a site in a short amount of time and even on a small budget. However, if you want full control on your website design and working then, using a custom web design will likely be the better choice for you.

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  1. Thanks for explaining both sides of the coin. I am thinking of designing a new website for myself and your post has really helped me gain a new perspective. I think because I want to save money and time and mine is a small business, like you suggested, I will stick to a template for now and maybe upgrade later.

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