Tips For A Smooth Migration To A New Web Hosting Provider

There are several reasons why users change from one host provider to another. Some of them include issues regarding poor technical assistance, downtime and too many spams. Others opt to change providers for the purpose of expanding web space requirements or to cut costs. If you are in a dilemma whether to keep your existing web host provider or look for someone else, then you need to weigh down the benefits and losses you get. You may have to find another provider if you think that you suffer more than find more success in your current provider.

Changing from one provider to another one can be tricky at times especially when you lack knowledge and understanding how it is done properly. However, it would be easier for you to do the process of migrating from one host provider to another if you follow a set of guidelines or tips. There are things to consider for a smooth migration. You will get better ideas if you are aware of the things you have to do when it comes to finding a new web host provider by migrating without so many difficulties.

Here are some of the tips to follow for preventing inconvenience before/while/after migrating:

Web Hosting Migration

Before Migrating To a New Host

There are requirements to get before you begin changing from your current provide to a new host provider. You need to gather several things including the FTP user-name as well as the passwords for your website. You also have to get the user-name and password of your administrative control panel. Moreover, you also need the user-name and password of your database.

When Migrating or Moving From One Provide To Another

Get a new account set-up before cancelling the existing account: You have to make sure that you already have your new account set-up before you plan to migrate from your existing host provider. If you are still looking for a new one, then you must not cancel your original account immediately. You need to ensure getting a new set-up first.

Backup files: You have to backup all your files from your original host. It would be wise to compress your files into a single archive to reduce transfer issues. You have to avoid making some modifications or delete several files on your present website until the transfer is completed successfully.

Upload archive files: Once you already made a new hosting account and you have saved all your files already, it would be the time to upload your archive files to your new account. When unpacking the archive, you need to make sure that the directory structure is maintained, and is still intact. It is necessary to include sub-folders and all the files.

Copy your database: After uploading the files, you need to copy the database. This is the time when a lot of issues are encountered by the users. Be aware that most problems occur on this process. Thus, you have to make sure that you do it correctly to prevent experiencing difficulties and irritation. If instructions of dumping database information are clearly followed, then you can be able to copy the database manually or by using available database tools. Once it is done, you can now upload the information in your current database to your new database. Though the idea of uploading databases has something in common, you have to be aware that the process of uploading varies from the type of database you have.

Test website: Once the actions above are done accordingly, it would be the time to test your website to know if it is functioning as expected.

Move miscellaneous data to the new website: Move the additional data to your new site once you ensure the functioning properties. If you’re new website is up and functioning properly, then it is time to move data such as email accounts to your new website.

Visit and update DNS information: Visit your domain registrar after you’ve done all the necessary things that you need to do and update your DNS information. You may wonder on the update response. Keep in mind that it will not update automatically, but it should not take more than 24 hours.

Cancel the old hosting account: You may cancel your old account once everything is done and completed correctly. When cancelling, you may use two ways: via email address or over the phone.

After Migrating To a New Host

You have to wait for at least two days if the migration process has worked properly, but continue testing out the site for a couple of weeks before the cancelling the old account. You need to type the domain name to see your website on the new host. You have to carefully check all the links and forms to make sure that they are fully operational.

Other tips to consider for a smooth migration

• You may hire a professional in the process of changing a web host provider when you are confident enough to do the process on your own. Besides, professionals are trained for this subject matter. Thus, they know exactly how it is done. However, you have to look for a reliable professional. If you are worried about encountering problems when you do the transfer on your own, then it would be worth it to hire someone who specializes on this matter.
• You have to create permanent redirect when moving your website to another domain. When creating a redirect, make sure that the redirect points will correspond to the page on the new domain.
• Anything that has a password and user-name on your old website should stay the same on your new site to make sure that you prevent altering password specific files. However, you may change your password or user-name after you completed the transfer and everything is functioning according to plan.

Migrating to a new host provider can become easier when the steps and tips are followed properly. If the stages are broken down into several steps, then the processes will be a lot easier for you. There are potential problems that you may experience when migrating. However, they can be prevented by doing certain actions accurately. You will make the transfer as smooth as possible provided that you consider all the necessary things while doing the process.

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