25 Free Computer Icon Sets

Looking for Free Computer Icon Sets? Well, let me tell you that you are perfectly at the right place, as we go on to showcase a presentation of 25 Free Computer Icon Sets.

30 Free Fantastic Vector Icon Sets

Here’s a superb collection showcasing 30 Free Fantastic Vector Icon Sets. So, if you are looking for Vector Icon for your website project, this collection will prove to be immensely useful to you as it presents you a rich collection of free vector Icons.

Free Building Icons

15 Free Buildings Icons

Buildings are everywhere and part of our life. We live in building, we study in buildings, and we work in buildings so when we create a design building are part of it.

Free RSS Feed Icons

40 Creative and Free RSS Feed Icons

Every Blogger, Web Master always puts extra efforts to make their blog/websites gain more and more visitors and regular readers etc. However, they try to convert their visitor into regular readers. Hence, to fulfill this desire; they have to grab their visitors’ attention darned firstly.

Alphabet Icons

30 Attractive Free Alphabet Icons

An Icon is a very powerful term. It represents an identity of oneself. It can represent anything such as a company, an idea, a product, a service and so on. Alphabet Icons are the symbols that are represented with the help of alphabets. Here, we are representing you a list of 30 Attractive Alphabet Icons.

Free Folder Icons

30 Free Folder Icons for Web and Graphic Design

Folder Icon represents the contents it is carrying with itself. Folder can contain a collection of files, images, videos etc. of a similar nature. Folders are one of the first things we see on any computer and folders are very important part of our work.

Emoticons Icons Sets

20 Free Emoticons Sets for your Website

As actions speak louder than words, in the same way emoticons are little icons, which express feelings or emotions. It is basically a facial expression that can be used in any websites, graphic designing, conversations, etc.

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