HDR Photographs

40 Stunning HDR Photographs for Inspiration

HDR is the short form of High Dynamic Range. If applied carefully, HDR Photos are stunning which can obscure our senses of the difference between illusion and reality. It is the method of creating photos of higher range between the darkest and lightest areas of scenes.

The Evolution of Personal Photography

The Evolution of Personal Photography

For nearly two centuries, we’ve been capturing moments on film. From half-hour waits to instantaneous captures, personal photography has evolved dramatically over the years. What follows is a quick recap of how personal photography evolved into the high-resolution monsters we know today.

Sunset Photography

35 Beautiful Sunset Photography Examples

Photography is an amazing art and science, which creates natural and stunning images. It captures the attention of the viewer. Photographers click photos and make everyone still and admired with their creativity and innovative ideas in photography.

child photography 44

45 Priceless Child Photographs

Photography is now not just restricted to simply taking photographs, it is an art also. With photography you can create durable images of your memories and can have a look whenever you want. Photography is now categorized into various types. Photography is now a great field to start your career.

daytonight 5

30 Amazing Day to Night Photography

Day to Night both are contradictory of each other. You can’t see both effects at same time, but you can get amazing Day to Night images where you can see Day and Night simultaneously in single picture by photography technique, which capture photos at changing time of day into Night at in one scene.

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