30 Free Useful Photoshop PSD Files

Of the many file formats that Photoshop supports .PSD format is core format of Photoshop. The .PSD or “Photoshop Document” format is a native file format of Photoshop that fully supports all the very powerful functionalities that is provided by Photoshop like layers, layer masks, channels, adjustment layers, paths and much more.

30 Impressive Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

In the present post, we showcase you some of the best and most impressive Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials which help you create spectacular text effect designs. Here under we provide you with a collection of 30 Photoshop tutorials specially chosen to meet your text designing requirements.

Burning Tree Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial we would be using various image manipulation techniques to give a simple basic image a burning effect. We would be playing around with stock images and the brush tool to come up with an illustration like the one displayed below.

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