10 Best Places to Buy and Sell 3D Models

3D Modeling has become one of the most popular computer graphical techniques. In this compilation, we bring to you 10 Best Places to Buy and Sell 3D Models.

Well, nowadays 3D Modeling is being extensively employed in all kinds of 3D Movies, Animation & Cartoon creation, Video Games, Web Designing, and also in other forms of artworks.

As a computer graphics designer, you often need new and trendy 3D Models that match your requirements as well as your imagination.

Plus, there’s always an urge to monetize your skill as a 3D Modeler and start earning money. So, you want to sell 3D stock models from an online marketplace.

It means that you got to figure out best places to buy and sell 3D Models. That’s exactly where this post becomes immensely useful to you.

Here, we have listed best places for buying and selling 3D Models.

Best Places to Buy and Sell 3D Models

In fact, many 3D modelers are eager to expand their freelancing work. Some are even looking to make a transition into freelancing work.

So, it’s important that they start building a client base. A good online presence gives them the capabilities to market themselves and leverage the connections for greater exposure.

Moreover, it just requires the right platform where you can buy and sell 3D Models easily. When you create quality 3D Models, it’s only about getting to know the right places where you can sell your work and earn money.

When you need to buy 3D Models, you need those marketplaces with the strongest reputations.

All in all, you need online marketplaces with the most traffic and the best royalties.

You can only succeed as a 3D stock seller when you partner with the best online marketplaces for buying and selling 3D Models.

Well, to fulfill your requirement of new and unique 3D Models you can always look towards the internet.

There are online stores from where you can get a vast variety of 3D Models in all sorts of categories including cars, animals, people, architecture, furniture, etc.

Here we showcase you some of the Best Places to Buy and Sell 3D Models. The present collection shows some of the most popular and vastly growing online stores from where you can easily get the design of 3D Models.

So what you are waiting for, just get started to know more about these online stores for 3D Models and browse them to find the one which suits your requirements, goals, and imagination.

Here’s the list of Best Places to Buy and Sell 3D Models:

10 Top Places to Buy and Sell 3D Models


1. Sketchfab

Sketchfab is one of the best places for buying 3D Models. It offers everything from low poly assets to animated rigs, digital scans for your 3D, virtual reality, as well as augmented reality projects.

You get to preview model topology, UVs, as well as textures with its 3D viewer and model inspector before you go out and purchase. It offers 3D models from every conceivable category.

Store categories include animals & pets, architecture, art & abstract, cars and vehicles, music, electronics & gadgets, science & technology, fashion & style, food & drink, furniture & home, sports & fitness, weapons & military, and much more.

Plus, Sketchfab is trusted by over one million members. Moreover, Sketchfab has made it easy for you to publish, share, and discover 3D content on the web, mobile, AR, and VR.

It has become one of the largest platforms for immersive and interactive 3D. It even allows you to view and share 3D content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit.

Sketchfab Buy 3D Models

2. CGTrader

CGTrader is based in Lithuania and was founded in 2011.

It is backed by Intel Capital and Practica Capital.

The community hosts over 500,000 3D artists, design studios, and businesses from all around the globe.

It offers buyers the opportunity to hire someone to create it when they do not find what they are looking for.

They go on to offer 3D models such as insanely detailed computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality gaming models, as well as printing models, including jewelry, miniatures, and engineering parts.

Designers can choose to sell, stream to a 3D printer, or can even have an item printed and shipped via Sculpteo.

So, CGTrader runs the largest stock 3D models marketplace with thousands of models for computer graphics, virtual reality, and 3D printing.

They have a huge designers-friendly community (+570.000 members), which might help you via 3D Jobs section if you would not be able to find some specific 3D models in their stock models gallery.

Finally, they have outstanding customer support, which definitely would help you if you would not be able to find suitable 3D models for your projects.


3. 3docean

3Docean is part of the large Envato network, which comprises the whole Tuts+ Empire and has over 1.4 million registered members.

However, the 3Docean user-base is only a fraction of that. Still, there’s much less competition here than you find at Turbosquid or even at CGTrader.

As Envato products are pretty solid, there’s every reason to check out 3Docean that’s happened to be one of the best places for 3D models.

Here, you can find thousands of 3D Models and Accessories and that too at prices starting from just $1.

You get all kinds of latest and unique 3D Models, Textures, Materials and Shader, 2D Concepts, HDRI Images and lots more. You can have all this stuff in one place and that is 3Docean.

Royalty Rate: Artists can receive as much as 33 percent on non-exclusive sales and up to 70 percent with exclusivity contract.

3D Models

4. Cults 3D

Cults 3D is a great place for finding and downloading the best 3D Models for your 3D printer. It offers the best collection of STL files on robots, animals, fashion, art, jewelry, gadgets, architecture, and much more.

Besides these listings, it offers a section on most downloaded and best sellers. All in all, it offers a large collection of 3D models. You get maker-inspired 3D files as well as high-quality professional designs.

Moreover, the 3D designs are checked for printability and organized into different groups such as fashion, arts, gadgets, or home.

The best thing about Cults is that it focuses on smart, useful, and beautiful designs. So, browsing through their website is much fun. Most of the models come for free, while others are available at very affordable prices.

Cults 3D Sell 3D Models

5. Highend3d

CreativeCrash is a 3D marketplace that has sprung from the asset sharing network, Highend3D. It’s one of the best places for buying and selling 3D models.

However, it should be noted that as CreativeCrash sprung up from Highend3D (which mostly focuses on free 3D models), so it might be a bit harder to make sales when the user-base is accustomed to getting things for free.

That said, CreativeCrash has been successful in making inroads when it comes to buying or selling 3D models. It offers many sections, such as featured products, best selling 3D models for the month, and much more.

It even offers tutorials and forum questions. In fact, it features more than 65000 3D Models and more than 5500 scripts/plugins.

Highend3d Buy Sell 3D Models

6. 3DRT

3DRT specializes in high-quality 3D Models for video games and the web. It is a world-leading developer of real-time CG content. It offers amazing, well-textured models and animations ready for all needs.

They sell splendid high quality animated 3D models. Free 3D models are also available. Plus, there is always best customer support for you. It’s a good place for low-poly models. You just need to check out 3DRT.

You will certainly want to buy lots of animations and 3D models at 3DRT. Its models stand out perfect for your projects. They offer many different formats including Sci-fi, fantasy, cartoon characters, buildings, vehicles, and much more. All the models have been made so well that building a game with their assets becomes too easy.

You will be happy when you make a purchase at 3DRT. The artistic talent is just superb, and they have an eye for detail that is evident in their work. You will be certainly impressed with the quality and design of their 3D models.

3DRT Buy and Sell 3D Models

7. 3DExport

With more than 130,000 members, there’s a huge opportunity at 3DExport. In fact, 3DExport offers one of the most user-friendly site designs in the industry that is much attractive, as well.

They are running since 2004. However, everything has been modernized and brought up to date. Their non-exclusive licensing rate is competitive with the best in industry.

3DExport offers an online store from where you can buy and even sell all kinds of latest and trendy 3D Models, Textures, Plugins, etc. and use them in several of your graphical computer projects and other artworks, games or web designing.

It features to web pages showcasing new products, best sales, featured sellers and more. You can find all sorts of 3d models in various categories such as cars, furniture, animals, architects, characters, etc. You can buy 3D Models as well as sell 3d Models at 3DExport.

Royalty Rate: Artists can receive as much as 60 percent for non-exclusive sales, and up to 70 percent with exclusivity contract.

3D Models

8. TurboSquid

Simply put, Turbosquid is huge.

It has an impressive list of high-profile clients and certainly one of the best places to sell your 3D models. Its massive user-base offers huge upside. Still, you need to do active marketing to see the dollars roll in.

TurboSquid offers one of the most versatile stock catalogs which feature all sorts of different 3D Models in categories such as cars, transport, people, architect, furniture, etc.

It has the unique service of customized 3D modeling where you can made-to-order 3D Models.

TurboSquid provides new and amazing 3D Models which can be perfectly used in advertising, architecture, the web, film, games, or in some other CG projects.

Royalty Rate: Artists can receive a measly 40 percent. However, their guild program offers up to 80 percent in exchange for exclusivity.

3D Models

9. DAZ 3D

Daz 3D is also a huge marketplace but very self-contained.

Moreover, DAZ 3D is a fast-growing online store for 3D Models and more. It showcases galleries in all sorts of categories of 3D Models, new releases are frequently introduced, and you can expect the latest and the best of 3D Modeling in DAZ 3D.

Artists can receive as much as 50 percent on non-exclusive sales, and up to 65 percent with exclusivity.

3D Models

10. RenderoSity

Renderosity is another great place to buy 3D models. They have high-quality standards and a gigantic user-base, but relatively low royalty rates. It has become a leading marketplace for Daz Studio and Poser models.

You can buy 2D and 3D contents offered by other CG artist from all around the world. You will find very attractive rates for 3D models, and you will get great support on Renderosity.

Artists can receive as much as 50 percent on non-exclusive sales, and up to 70 percent with exclusivity.

3D Models

We hope that this presentation on 10 Best Places to Buy and Sell 3D Models has proved much useful to you. These are the best online marketplaces for buying and selling 3D models.

Please share the post with your friends and loved ones. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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