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As an advertiser, designer, blogger or even as a photographer, you always require images and photos to fulfill your own particular needs. It may be that you want to showcase a slideshow on your portfolio website or it may be that you require to complement the content of your blog with a suitable image or photo. You invariably require a stylish and unique image, almost everytime you embark on a creative project.

To support your cause in a big and smart way, now you have a great photo store on the web which will fulfill all your photo and image needs. Yes, Depositphotos stock photos is here to support your search for some of the best photo collection on the web. You will find millions of royalty free stock images, illustrations, vector arts and more at The stock images and photos showcased at Depositphotos are of high quality and are creatively rich too. The stock at Depositphotos has a wide range of photos and that too from a variety of categories to suit the varied needs of designers, advertisers, bloggers, web site owners, etc.

Some Important Highlights

Depositphotos update their photo libraries daily. Thousands of new, quality and original photos are being added daily to this photo e-store. You will find photos on various categories like abstract images, concept stock images, clip-art illustrations, stock vectors etc. As far as originality and usability is concerned, you need not worry as each of the photos offered for sale has been protected by intellectual property rights and is available for use keeping up the terms of Royalty-free license.

User Interface

Depositphotos has updated its user interface design and now includes enhanced features which enable searching the photos in a faster and smarter way. It provides the option of filter so that user can select vector images and / or photographs. Every image size is now provided with a separate file description and comes with a separate download button making it easier for the users to buy their favorite images.


Buying Options and Pricing at Depositphotos

Depositphotos offers a variety of easy buying options and has come up with free stock photos subscription plans (you just need to sign up on the site) as well. You can start purchasing stock images from Depositphotos by either following pay-as-you-go method, using which you can start purchasing from as low as $ 0.50 only or by taking flexible subscription plans which are available as low as 10 cents per image.

At Depositphotos you can choose to buy using the pay-by-credits option. Credits are treated as main currency units and are approximately equivalent to USD 1. Using your credits, you can buy images from XS size to XXXL size and in different levels of photography. Credits have a validity period of one year beyond which they get expired and cannot be used.

You also have the ease to subscribe from several of the plans available at Depositphotos. You can take a subscription plan for a period as low as 3 days which can go upto 12 months. Each plan has different level of pricing. For example, a 7 day subscription costs you $39 and gives you the facility to download 15 images per day for a period of 7 days.

You can also use your mobile to download the images at Depositphotos. Use the Pay-By-Phone (SMS Image) method. You only need to send a sms from your mobile. The images are credited to your account and you can download them at your own convenience.

Depositphotos Bloggers Program

If you are a blogger then there is a great offer from Depositphoto. Depositphoto bloggers program offers free stock images to blogger for this you just have to write a review on your blog about Depositphoto. You can also give a great value to your visitors by creating contest on your blog. Depositphoto will give free subscription plan to your visitors. It’s a great way to increase your visitors and give them something back as great images from Depositphoto. This is win-win situation for bloggers and there visitors.


Depositphotos you can easily and surely get the set of photos and illustrators of your choice. It has a large and varied e-store from which you can select and buy the photos of your particular requirements and likeness.

Browsing the site is also made effective with its interactive and advanced user interface. It gives various search options including filter and advance search and comes with multiple buying options such as pay-by-credit, pay-as-you-go, different subscription plans which also includes free subscription trial as well.

Thus on the whole, Depositphotos can easily be referred as the best e-store for photos; a superb online store for stock images, vector arts and illustrations.

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