Fotor Best & Easy to Use Online Photo Editor

Are you looking for a powerful online photo editing tool? Well, you are perfectly in the right place. Today we are featuring Fotor Photo Editor.

Fotor is one of the simplest yet powerful online photo editors. Fotor is best and easy to use online photo editor.

It’s a revolutionary photo editor and design maker that is being used by hundreds of users worldwide.

Moreover, it’s a free online photo editor with capabilities of edit, collage, and design. However, you can even upgrade to Fotor Pro for added features and new content.

Fotor imparts amazing photo effects into your photos in one click. So, Fotor is all about the effortless way to impart your photos the perfect look at no cost at all.

It allows you to choose the effect you prefer to give your photos “autumn style” touches ups.

So, Fotor is the best way to remember all the good times and come up with professional designs that stand out from the crowd.

Fotor Online Photo Editor

The advantage with free online photo editing software

There is some best photo editing software around with Adobe leading the pack with a subscription-based model.

So, it’s not a question about professionals who can readily opt for a subscription-based model.

The real pinch is felt by the amateurs, beginners, and casual shooters who neither have the expertise nor the leverage to shell out a small amount every month.

Herein lie the advantage and utility with a free online photo editor.

They are free as well as easy to use, allowing for easy photo editing and collage making for all amateur and casual shooters.

Moreover, online photo editors prove versatile in the sense that they can be used for school as well as home projects like invitations, personal cards and so on.

The biggest advantage with these applications is the fact that they have a considerably smaller learning curve. In fact, they are simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

For instance, Fotor online photo editing software offers free one-click photo enhancement. It’s easy to use, and it’s free.

Getting to Know Fotor

Fotor is one of the most popular online photo editor & collage makers. Fotor is also available as a desktop application for photo editing that is loaded with RAW conversion support.

In fact, there are multiple versions of Fotor.

For instance, you can go for one of its online versions, or else you can even download a copy of its desktop version and use it on your computer for offline photo editing.

The version you choose, depending on how much functionality you need.

For instance, if you are looking for RAW conversion support, then its desktop version is perfect for you.

However, if you primarily work on JPEG editing tasks, then its online version is best for you.

That said you need to upgrade to its Pro version if you want to use and unlock its major features and functionality.

One of the major highlights of Fotor is its image-enhancing tools and filters which make pictures look at their best.

Moreover, Fotor supports most of the popular image file formats.

Fotor Image Editor

It even provides RAW file processing which is a feature to expect with a full-price photo editing software. Fotor also comes with one-click filters that can enhance your pictures including sunset, portrait, landscape, and theater.

Plus, it is easy to use.

With Fotor, you get a good range of image tools. For example, you can apply special effects. You can add frames and borders.

So, you can improve the overall appearance of your photos for which you normally have to go for an expensive camera.

You can create collages giving it a custom aspect ratio.

Fotor delivers fast results and allows you to change the appearance of your images completely. For instance, excessively dark scenes are brightened, and over-exposed ones are dimmed.

So, you see that Fotor free version pretty features packed.

However, with Fotor Pro there are no ads. Plus, some extra features such as more editing and full HDR support, thus giving you really dramatic images.

Working with the Online Version of Fotor

When you first open up Fotor, you will notice three options.

These are:

Edit – for image editing and retouching

Collage – for making collages out of your favorite images

Design – for making small designs for personal as well as school projects

Editing and creating images with Fotor

Here, we explore the ‘Edit’ option which photographers need the most. Editing involves opening your images in Fotor and carrying out some editing and retouching work.

You need to click on ‘Edit’ from the home page.

When using Fotor for the first time, you will see an ‘Add Photo First’ dialogue at the top. You can select the source from your computer, Fotor Cloud, Dropbox, or even Facebook, and upload your photo.

However, with the online version of Fotor, there is no option to upload a RAW image. The RAW conversion capabilities are available with its desktop version.

That said the online version of Fotor is suitable for simple editing tasks.

On the left panel of the application, you will get all the tools, including:

  • The ‘Crop’ tool
  • The ‘Magic Clipper’ tool
  • The ‘Rotate’ Tool
  • The ‘Fine Tune’
  • The ‘Basic’ Tool
  • The ‘Color’

For instance, the ‘Basic’ Tool offers all the basic adjustment options such as the options for changing brightness, contrast, saturation, as well as sharpness. With Color, you can adjust the white balance and the tint of the image. However, we recommend not to overdo it.

Its ‘1-Tap Enhance’ feature helps you to do a quick enhancement of your images. It’s your quick processing mode. It does a weird color rendition.

With ‘Resize’ you can change the dimension of an image.

The ‘Effect’ panel has a number of options for giving a specific effect to an image. There are more than a hundred different effects that are preloaded into the application.

There’s even a comprehensive beauty enhancement tool such as the blush, wrinkle remover, smoothing skin, etc.

With ‘Frames,’ you can place a nice frame around the image.

With the ‘Save’ option you can download the final edited image. You need to sign in first for saving/downloading the final image.

The ‘HDR’ option is located at the bottom.

Overall Comment

So, you see that Fotor is a very comprehensive, feature packed and easy to use online photo editing software. Its interface is easy to use. Plus, the overall look and feel are also great.

You get loads of editing options. Its Effect Panel immediately catches your attention with over one hundred readymade options. It allows you to give a specific effect (look and feel) to your images.

Overall, it’s a Big “Yes” for Fotor online photo editing application. Now, you can as well experience the magic with Fotor. It’s completely free.

Start Editing Images with Fotor

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