Tips on How to Make a Sticker Design on Your Own

Sticker is really very creative way to promote something or to share something. It is also one of the best gifting material, and it is highly preferred in corporate gifting industry. Company gifts stickers and distributes it to the public just like a card but it can be used for creative reasons as well as promotions of any brand or company. This is no doubt an easy and affordable way to promote the business and brand to the large number of people. Fortunately there are too many things that the Sticker designing offers you. You will get so many choices, and you will get freedom of choosing your preferred choice for Sticker distribution. Sticker makes an impressive impression on everything.

Stickers can be used for personal gifting or professional promotional purposes. You just need to think creatively for this. Designing your own creative Sticker design would be really very simple and entertaining. There are so many tools available for designing own creative stickers. The designing procedures are too many, and they all are simple and quick. You can make really very creative and impressive stickers design for your purposes. Here, I am sharing with you some methods of creating stickers designs.

Sticker Design

Pattern or pencil, paper and color: This is one of the simplest methods that work manually.

• You would need thin paper, Scissors, Gelatin, Boiling water, Corn syrup or sugar, Peppermint extract or vanilla and Paintbrush. This all will assist you in designing, and you will create a perfect design with this.
• Select the shape of your Sticker and then cut it with the blade sharply.
• You can cut the designs from newspapers or magazines. If you want to make your sticker look impressive, then it is important for you to use good quality image papers.
• Internet is filled with so many options for images and you can print out one of the most suitable pictures for your purpose.
• Use glitters for decorations. You can use other things that would be suitable for sticker decoration.
• Keep an aluminum foil below on the surface before painting.
• Cut the image according to the shape of your sticker and then stick it on the sticker with the help of adhesive. If the image has covered all the surface then the decoration will do the rest of thing but if you have chosen just a design and if there is some space left then Paint the sticker with your preferable paint.
• When your sticker is completed then decorate it with glued and other colored markers. And then you can stick it with the help of adhesives! That’s all!

Computer based designing: There are various options of software available for computer based designing.

• Decide the shape of your sticker and then make the image according to that. Dimensions should be according to the original image size. For example, if you are using a rectangle shape for your sticker design then use the same shape and size for your design too.
• Design your image on the Photoshop or any other computer software according to your imagination.
• Use the bright colors and you can take inspirations from online images that would be easily available and searchable on the internet. You can crop the image and then add it in your design according to your preference, but it would be best if you can create an image of your own thoughts and imagination. Keep the image clean, bright and simple. Do not fill it with text of too many designs.
• Once your design is completed, print it with the laser printer and then stick it on the sticker.
• You can decorate it with the additional glitters and other decorates and then, your sticker design is ready!

Online Designing: Online designing is one of the simplest ways of sticker designing. You just need to find out the appropriate website that will allow you to create online stickers designs. It is simple and effective way, and you can use it for personal and promotional purposes as well! It will work best in all purposes. Single website will allow you to create the sticker designs online.

These are some of the best methods of Sticker design that will allow you to create your own stickers without too many efforts for it! The process is simple and yet highly responsive. The digital designing process is one of the most famous processes for sticker designing and even corporate sticker designing companies are also using this method for sticker designing. It allows you to create, modify and then print the desired design quickly without any problems and difficulties.

Sticker creation is very simple, and you can choose any above mention method for the creation of your own sticker designs. It would be very creative and perfectly according to your requirements. But while creating the design, you would need to make sure that the design should be clean and appealing and if you are using ready images for your design then do not use them for the base as a whole, use them for your design but, not as your design. In other words, the design should be unique, and it should be based on true imagination of your mind. That will look better than any other design, and it will attract people more than anything else. Being perfect is good but using high quality already published images are not good for promotional and other corporate purposes. Moreover, the simple and handmade design looks more impressive and grabs more attentions than readymade and high quality stickers.

Author bio: Lisa Montgomery is the senior designer and creative artist for which is a custom sticker printing company helping small to medium size businesses.

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