15 Best Online Infographic Maker

Infographics are very much in trend these days. That’s because they help users to gain knowledge about any particular topic with the help of graphic visual representation. The infographics can be used by any industry be it the B2C or B2B, to gain the attention of visitors. However, today most of the infographics present on the web are developed by bloggers, social media marketing agencies, data research firms, and web design & development industry. But if you also want to make your own powerful infographic within a matter of few minutes to hours then read out this post till the end, as with this blog post, we have shared 15 Best Infographic Maker for creating modern and powerful infographics.

15 Best Infographic Creator Tools

Here are some of the best Infographic Maker:

1. Infogr.am Infographic Maker

Infogr.am is one of the most popular and exciting online platforms to create highly appealing infographics. It presents you with a variety of pre-made infographic templates that you can use.

Additionally, you can also import raw data, and it will transform that data into a variety of formats such as a pie chart, progress bar, table, word cloud, treemap, etc. Moreover, with infogr.am you can also add a multi-color map in your infographics (if required). The best part about this infographic generator is that it’s available for free. However, if you want more control along with more features, you can opt for a paid account.

Infogr -  Infographic Maker

2. Venngage

Venngage is yet another highly popular infographic maker that lets you create and publish impactful infographics. Moreover, it also helps you engage viewers and track results. This online infographic tool allows you to produce beautiful yet highly customized infographics that you can share with your targeted audience via blog or your website.

It lets you add different types of data charts, pictograms, shapes, and images, as well. Just like Infogr.am, it is also available free but with limited features; however, paid users can get complete access to this tool.

Venngage - Online Infographics Tool

3. Visual.ly Infographic Maker

Visual.ly is a highly interactive infographic tool that lets its users create infographics in minutes. In addition to creating infographics, you can also share them with the visual.ly audience to market your content better.

Moreover, individuals and companies can also make use of its marketplace, where then can narrate their idea or story and get a fully customized infographic made by a team of exceptional designers. But in case, you want to create the infographic on your own, you can use its pre-made templates that basically include the Twitter and Facebook-based themes.

Visually - Online Infographics Tool

4. Picktochart

Without any doubt, Piktochart is one of the most amazing online tools to create exciting infographics in a matter of minutes. That’s because it offers you high-quality pre-built templates, 500+ graphics, and much more to come up with an appealing infographic.

Currently, it is available under three packages, which includes; Free, Monthly Pro, and Annual Pro. In addition to this, Picktochart offers many fascinating features which include; drag-and-drop, one click color schemes changer, free shapes, and fonts, etc.

Picktochart - Online Infographics Tool

5. What About Me from Intel

Intel is globally known for its computer processors, however, this time it has made something special for designers i.e., “What About Me”. ‘What About Me’ is an online tool with which you can create colorful infographics based on an individual’s social media habits automatically, as it connects you from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to search through the user activity.

What About Me from Intel

6. InFoto Free

InFoto Free is an Android app that lets the users create infographics from their photos using a Photo stats analyzer. With InFoto Free, you can create refreshing and high-resolution infographics from your own photos.

Additionally, it tells you many exciting things like the time you prefer to take photos in a day, the orientation you prefer to use while taking photographs, what city do you take your photos in, and what days of the week, month or year you prefer to take most of your photos. All in all, it keeps an eye on all your photography habits from the orientation you use to the time of the day you prefer and comes up with a beautiful and eye-catching infographic.

InFoto Free - Online Infographics Tool

7. Easel.ly

Easel.ly is all about turning your visual ideas into infographics that you can easily share with your audience. Currently, this tool is one of the most robust Infographic Generators; however, it is available in beta mode.

Easil.ly offers plenty of pre-built infographic themes that you can choose to create your own infographic by adding your own shapes, text, backgrounds, and objects. For now, Easel.ly is a free Infographic generator, but you never know when it becomes the paid one as it is in beta mode yet.

Easelly -  Infographic Maker

8. Visualize.me Infographic Maker

These days, people are innovating with infographics, and have turned an infographic into a platform which can be used to present a resume in a graphical format. And Vizualize.me is one such infographic generators that allow users to make their resume in an infographic format showcasing their education, work experience, hobbies and all. Right now, just like Easel.ly, Visualize.me is available in beta mode, and can be used for free.

Visualize - Online Infographics Tool

9. Dipity

Historical infographics are always in demand, and Dipity is a free tool to create a digital timeline showcasing everything in yearly, monthly and weekly format. As it organizes your data into such a format that lets you distribute everything time wise. In other words, Dipity is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make historical timelines that you can share as infographics with your fans and audience.

Dipity - Online Infographics Tool

10. Creatly

While creating informative infographics with better visuals and graphics, you always need to create diagrams, and Creately can help you with that. That’s because, Creatly lets its users create diagram shape such as squares or rectangles in 1 click, and also provide them with a drag and drop feature, which is highly convenient while adding or importing images or shapes. In addition to this, Creatly has many exciting features that are hard to get in a single tool.

Creatly -  Infographic Maker

11. Canva Infographic Maker

Canva is a free and easy-to-use design tool that lets you create a wide range of professional-looking materials, including infographics. You can create one from scratch through the user-friendly interface, and different styles of elements such as lines, and shapes. More elements you can add to your design are grids, icons, illustrations, and photos.

Canva’s Charts tool also allows you to easily and quickly present your hard data in a stunning infographic. Another option you have with Canva is going for one of their eye-catching templates. Look through the rich selection, choose one that’s most applicable to your need, editing the content, and personalizing it in a matter of minutes.

Canva Infographic Maker

12. iCharts

While creating infographics that showcase statistics related to your industry or proving your sales record for a specific time period, you need to produce bar charts, pie charts and all. However, with iCharts, you don’t need to do all that manually, as it lets you input your own data and compile that into an intuitive chart pretty easily. iCharts comes in different packages, which also includes a free one, so you can choose the one that suits your requirements. Additionally, it also provide you with pre-built templates to lay down your charts on, but in case you need to have a custom template, then you have to opt for a paid account.

iCharts - Online Infographics Tool

13. Kinzaa Infographic Maker

Kinzaa is just like the Visualize.me tool. With Kinzaa, you can make an infographic based resume that really looks more impactful than a simple 500-600 words resume. While using this tool, you can add your work history, education, personality traits, skill sets, expected benefit, etc with the help of beautiful and exciting graphics showcasing everything in detail that too in a very neat and tidy manner. Kinzaa is a free to use the online tool, and what all you need to do is register using your valid email address.

Kinzaa -  Infographic Maker

14. EWCPresenter

EWCPresenter is relatively a new tool that not only lets you create beautiful infographics with ease but also let you create the presentation, animation, banner ads, and product demos. This tool is available for free, but right now it’s in beta mode. However, the best part of this tool is that it uses the latest HTML5 technology to make all these things. EWCPresenter provides its users with a set of high-quality pre-built templates, icons, images, and other graphics at no additional cost.

EWCPresenter - Online Infographics Tool

15. Tableau Infographic Maker

Tableau is yet another great tool for presenting your data in a highly intuitive graphical format. It offers its users with a variety of data visualization tools for free. However, it’s rather than being an online tool, it’s software that you need to download and install in your computer before you can start using it. With Tableau, you can upload a spreadsheet or a CSV file to generate intuitive data visuals such as heat maps, Venn diagrams, bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, etc. The only restriction regarding this awesome software is that it only works on the Windows platform.

Tableau -  Infographic Maker

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  1. Excellent. I’ve been using Power Point to make my infographics, and it is less than helpful and easy to use. It gets by, but is pretty hideous. You have a few different sites that I plan to check out here, thank you for the list.


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