11 Best Email Marketing Service Providers

The scope for internet marketing has increased by leaps and bounds.

Today people are making millions of dollars by following various internet marketing techniques. If you too would like to grow your business, you have to invariably adapt and incorporate a viable internet marketing strategy for your online business model.

One such powerful, effective, and yet easy-to-use Internet Marketing technique comes to you in the form of Email Marketing.

You can adapt and use Email Marketing for promoting your products and services to your targeted audience. Email Marketing can help you in increasing your online business revenue as it is prompt, specific, quick, and highly targeted. You can effectively utilize your subscriber list for the purpose of email marketing.

Well, you can create, run, manage, and track email marketing campaigns with the help of Email Marketing Service Providers.

Hereunder, we have showcased a vivid collection of 11 Best Email Marketing Service Providers. These Email Marketing Service Providers can streamline your email campaigns so that you can profit from your email marketing efforts. Using these Email Marketing Service Providers, you get an opportunity to easily create, manage, track and optimize your email marketing campaigns. You are provided with lots of pre-designed email templates so that your campaign looks unique, beautiful, and attractive to your target audience. These Email Software come with a host of other features as well such as powerful editing tools, A/B Testing Tools, Autoresponders, delivery systems, and lots more.

So, you can go through the 11 Best Email Marketing Service Providers, and I am sure you will be able to find the right Email Marketing Service Providers to fulfill your business requirements and goals.

11 Email Marketing Service Providers

1. Aweber

If you are looking for a powerful, advanced, comprehensive, fast, and yet simple Email Marketing Software Solution, then Aweber Email Marketing Software comes out as a perfect solution to all your email marketing requirements. With Aweber, you can look up simple, fast email marketing services. The Aweber Email Marketing Software covers every aspect of Email Marketing. It provides you an opportunity to concentrate on growing your business rather than devoting your time, money, and resources to marketing services.

With Aweber, you get the best delivery in the business, easy design tools, automated follow-ups, and much more. Managing your Subscribers is super easy with Aweber. It provides over 600 HTML Email Templates that help you in creating great-looking emails. With its RSS to Email tool, you can easily transform your blog post into an email newsletter. It is studded with a powerful Autoresponder with which you can deliver a sequence of messages automatically. With Aweber, you can easily create professional email marketing newsletters.

All-in-all, Aweber provides you an opportunity to run successful email marketing campaigns, and build upon your email list so as to generate more leads and sales. Plus: if you have any problem related to Aweber usage or otherwise, its support team is always there to get it sorted out quickly.

Email Marketing Service Providers

2. MailChimp

MailChimp has earned the tag of being one of the most popular email marketing service providers. Its popularity can be judged by the fact that it is being used by more than 5 million people for designing and sending email marketing campaigns.

With MailChimp Email Marketing Software, you can create the right email for the right people. It lets you design email newsletters, which are liked and cared for by your readers. It has been empowered with comprehensive features, which let you design and manage email marketing campaigns smartly, quickly, and with ease.

It comes with awesome predesigned templates which let you create stunning and colorful email marketing campaigns. Pick the one which suits your niche and marketing requirements, tweak the colors, add your message and you are done.

It provides various delivery tools such as Autoresponders, RSS to Email Tool, Email Delivery Tool, Spam Filter Diagnostics, and much more. You can employ comprehensive Analytics to your campaigns using its advanced A/B Testing feature. MailChimp has also been empowered with an advanced Reporting System so that you can exactly know how your email campaigns are performing. It allows you to have Multi-User Accounts with which you can easily manage all your activities in relation to the creation, designing, and handling of email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Service Providers

3. iContact

iContact is a highly rated and professional Email Marketing Software. With iContact, you get an opportunity to create highly optimized and targeted email marketing campaigns. If you are looking for an Award-Winning Email Marketing Solution, then iContact can be the perfect choice for you. You get to have enhanced email marketing results with iContact. Moreover, it incorporates all the necessary features and services needed to grow your online business by leaps and bounds.

With iContact, you can easily maximize your email marketing results. It has all the essential features necessary for creating, delivering, and managing professional email marketing campaigns for your targeted audience. With iContact, you can put across your message to your targeted readers in an effective, efficient, and attractive fashion. It provides hundreds of Email Templates; comes with a message design tool – Message Builder, and provides a highly advanced Email Delivery System together with lots of other features, as well.

Email Marketing Service Providers

4. Vertical Response

Vertical Response is another very popular and professional Email Marketing Software Solution. It incorporates all the tools necessary for building an email, delivering it to the targeted set of audience, and also tracking and optimizing Email Marketing Campaigns. You don’t need to be a skilled designer or a techno-savvy enthusiast to use Vertical Response Email Marketing Software. With Vertical Response, You can be sure of getting great results and that too without having a professional design team at your disposal.

Using Vertical Response Email Marketing Solution, you can surely hope to reach your monthly sales goal month on month. It’s a really fast, secure, easy way to reach your customers. Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, Vertical Response has a solution for you to suit your email marketing requirements.

With its powerful email marketing services, you can grow your email subscriber list, go onto build better customer relations, and can bring more visitors to your site. It comes with more than 700 email templates that let you personalize and easily create an email newsletter of your choice. You can use Vertical Response for free with its 30-day free trial offer and can send up to 100 emails absolutely free.

Email Marketing Service Providers

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact Email Marketing Software makes it really easy to grow your online business. It is particularly useful for start-ups and small businesses to increase their online venture. Using Constant Contact Email Software Solution you can easily reach your target audience. With Constant Contact, you can perform Email Marketing activities in an affordable, easy, and effective way. It comes loaded with numerous customizable templates and provides excellent email list management.

You can track, and optimize your email marketing campaigns. Constant Contact has been enabled with a powerful reporting system so that you know how well your email campaigns are performing and can make efforts to enhance and improve upon your email marketing efforts. It also provides social media links integration for Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, Constant Contact comes with affordable plans and provides a 60-day free trial offer, as well.

Email Marketing Service Providers

6. GetResponse

GetResponse is a very popular Email Marketing Software. It helps you easily create awesome email newsletters and landing pages. GetResponse provides you an opportunity to convert your visitors into customers. With GetResponse, you can design a responsive email newsletter with the effect that your subscribers can access the emails on the desktop as well as on their smartphones with equal ease.

It provides you an opportunity for performing A/B Testing your email campaigns so that you can find out which of your offers are working with your target audience. With GetResponse, you can test, optimize and analyze any element of your email message including subject line, CTA, form field, best time and day to send an email, and much more.

It includes Autoresponders so that you can automate your email marketing efforts. Its unique and powerful Email Creator provides you with multiple email templates and limitless editing options. GetResponse also includes an all-powerful Landing Page Creator with which you can quickly create and publish your promo landing pages. It’s also studded with reporting, analyzing, and tracking tools and includes Social Sharing features that enable your readers to share your newsletter instantly.

Email Marketing Service Providers

7. Mad Mimi

Mad Mini is a complete Email Marketing Software Solution. It is one of the easiest ways to create, send, track, and share email newsletters online. In fact, Mad Mini is an advanced, powerful, simple, and effective Email Marketing Solution. So if you are looking for a simple and effective Email Marketing Solution, Mad Mini can be a perfect solution for you. It has been loaded with various design themes and web forms and provides A+ Deliverability. With Mad Mini, you can look forward to easy integrations, Social Networks, CRMs, Tracking, and Reporting Tools, and lots more.

Email Marketing Service Providers

8. Benchmark

Benchmark has been touted as the Best Email Marketing Tool. Use the Software to create, send, track, optimize, and share your email newsletter with your target audience. It is a simple yet powerful email marketing software solution. You can easily manage all the activities related to email marketing with this all-powerful, effective, and efficient email marketing tool – Benchmark. It provides varied affordable pricing plans and includes a 30-Day risk-free trial offer, as well.

Email Marketing Service Providers

9. Emma

Become an Email Marketing Champion with this all-powerful yet simple Email Marketing Tool – Emma. With Emma, you get ample opportunities to create, send, track, and manage attractive email marketing campaigns. Emma is regarded as one of the most highly rated email campaign management software in the world.

It provides more than 100 pre-designed email templates and includes powerful tracking and analytics tool so that you can effectively run and manage your email marketing campaigns. Emma also offers a 30-day free trial offer, as well.

Email Marketing Service Providers

10. EmailOctopus

If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use email marketing software solution, you can’t go wrong with EmailOctopus. It offers all the tools you need to grow your mailing list, design beautiful email campaigns, and deliver targeted messages to the right groups of contacts.

The drag and drop editor makes it quick and easy to create great-looking emails with a library of templates to choose from and customize. If you’re more technically savvy, you can also import your own HTML-coded email templates into the code editor. With automation, you can set up welcome sequences to greet new subscribers and nurture leads.

With the segmentation, you can use custom fields and campaign activity to personalize your emails to your audience. EmailOctopus is popular with small businesses, authors, newsletter creators, and bloggers. People working in teams will enjoy multi-user access to their accounts with no limits on the number of users.

It’s one of the most affordable email marketing solutions on the market, with a free plan covering your first 2,500 subscribers. Best of all, the free plan provides you with advanced features, including list segmentation and email automation.


11. Campaigner

Campaigner is yet another well-known and powerful Email Marketing Software. It lets you create, launch, and track email marketing campaigns with ease. The email marketing software is equally good for beginners as well as for professionals. It provides an opportunity to run targeted campaigns for segmented lists so that you can increase your ROI on your email marketing efforts. Their delivery rates are comparable with the best in the industry. You can also forward to get excellent customer service from their trained and expert support staff.

Email Marketing Service Providers

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