5 Best Free Website Visitor Tracking Services

Website visitor tracking is essential to analyze and monitor the performance of your website. It’s an important statistics that keeps you abreast about the performance of your website. There are many tools that help you to analyze website traffic but what about the best ones.

Yes, choosing a best web analytics software can be tricky and that’s precisely the reason which prompted me to come up with this post showcasing 5 Best Free Visitor Tracking Software.

Besides being free, there are some core features which make these website traffic analysis software, the best ones in the business.

Firstly, they are easy to use. Secondly, they present web analytics data in an easy to understand format so that you can quickly know all the details of your website traffic. Thirdly, they are thoroughly comprehensive presenting you detailed reports about website traffic analysis.

For me, these are the core features which you require in a visitor tracking software and make a visitor tracking software, the best ones in the business.

You get all the details about your website traffic which you can use to frame your strategy for getting in more visitors for your website or blog.

You can track how many visitors your website is getting, from which country they are from, referral source and much more. This data helps you to analyze your visitors, their choice, popular pages on your website. By this way, you can create content interested for your visitors. This increase you website growth as you know your visitors choice.

So, if you are looking for best free visitor tracking services, this is a post you should surely check out.

Here, we have compiled the best free visitor tracking software just to help you to get all the website traffic details for your site. These are among the most popular free web analytics tools that are used by thousands of webmasters and bloggers.

I have also listed some of the prominent features of these visitor tracking software so that it is easy for you to select the most suitable one from the list.

Now, let us go ahead and explore the 5 Best Free Visitor Tracking Services.

5 Free Visitor Tracking Services

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular and reliable free visitor tracking software. It is regarded as one of the most powerful web analytics applications. It effectively tracks traffic patterns on your site.

It is an easy-to-use product and integrates with other Google programs such as Google Adsense and Google AdWords. It provides a custom dashboard for displaying website traffic metrics.

Moreover, you can choose how the information is displayed in the form of charts, tables, etc. It shows visitors patterns, traffic sources, new visitors, returning visitors, page views, new visits, bounce rate, and much more.

Google Analytics Visitor Tracking Services

2. Clicky

It is another very popular free visitor tracking service. Clicky provides in-depth analysis of website traffic. It comes with a user-friendly interface providing in-depth “real-time” website traffic analysis. It is a visitor tracking tool with real time web analytics.

You get live stats about your website traffic and so you quickly come to know how your visitors interact with your website in real time. Moreover, it provides in-depth website traffic stats which are so indispensable for every webmaster or blogger.

Clicky Visitor Tracking Services

3. Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is an open source visitor tracking software. It can track multiple websites and provides website traffic data, site usage, page views, visits, and much more. It provides you the ability to easily add web analytics to your site using simple Javascript, PHP, or REST based APIs. It can even track websites made with WordPress and MediaWiki. Moreover, it can be extended to track and analyze any web application.

Open Web Analytics Visitor Tracking Services

4. Piwik

Piwik is an open source visitor tracking software. It is loaded with superb features and is one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics. For the ones who are looking for a self-hosted website traffic analysis tool, Piwik can be a smart choice. It is thoroughly customizable and serves you with real-time website traffic reports. It enables you to track multiple websites. You can even export data in many formats such as Excel, XML, PHP, etc.

Piwik Visitor Tracking Services

5. StatCounter

StatCounter is another reliable and free Web Analytics Tool. It provides real website traffic data and is thoroughly customizable. In addition to website traffic information, StatCounter provides information relating to popular pages, inbound links, and search keywords which are pretty useful to any webmaster or blogger. It even tracks visitors’ IP address in real time. It is easy to use, as well.


I hope that the presentation on 5 Best Free Visitor Tracking Services proves immensely useful for you and helps in selecting the best web analytics tool according to your requirements.

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