5 Best Place to Learn Linux – Linux Tutorial Sites

Learning can be fun, interesting, and easy if you get the right resources. Many of us just lose our zeal to learn and update our knowledge simply because we do not get the right resources.

It happens especially with tech guys who need tutorials to know more about various platforms. It even holds good for Linux users who need Linux Tutorials to develop their knowledge about this powerful operating system.

If you are one of those guys who is looking for best places to learn Linux, then you have come to the right place.

Here, I have listed out 5 Best Places to Learn Linux – Linux Tutorial Sites. They are a great resource for learning new skills about Linux.

So, you don’t need to search the web for Linux Tutorial Sites. Simply explore this post, and you will get to know the best places to learn Linux.

Linux has amazed every tech guy and make them curious to hands on Linux. Many of us feel that Linux is not easy to use. Moreover, you need to learn many things to master this powerful OS.

It is always a good idea to learn Linux through Linux Tutorial Sites. You get detailed materials which help you to easily learn new skills in Linux so that you can use the OS smartly.

I have always been interested in learning more about Linux. I found Linux is not as difficult as many people think and they feel it is little difficult to find Linux tutorials.

I don’t think that it is difficult to find Linux tutorials. I searched for some best place to learn Linux and decided to list those sites where you can find a lot of Linux tutorials.

So, let’s see the Best Places to learn Linux – Linux Tutorial Sites. I hope it helps you immensely for learning Linux.

5 Place to Learn Linux

The Linux Tutorial – This site covers all Linux tutorials from Basics to Advanced users. There is a HOWTO section which will help you to find How To quires. There is a forum on which you can ask questions on Linux which can be answered by other users.

The Linux Tutorial Learn Linux

LOWFAT Linux – Tutorial on this site is written by Doctor Bob author of this site. This site covers in-depth Linux tutorial which can be easily understood by a beginner.


YouTube – Yes youtube.com popular video hosting site. You may probably think why YouTube? YouTube is a Video site, but you will find many great Linux video tutorials created by many users from all around the World. Just search for Linux tutorial, and you will get hundreds of Linux tutorial videos.


LinuxSelfhelp – This site contains tutorial in category format where you can select your Linux category like Getting Started, Running Multiple OS’s, Programming on Linux or System Administration. You will get a detailed tutorial in all categories.


nixCraft – The site offers lots of tutorials about Linux. It posts cutting edge topics on various open source software. It also has Linux/Unix FAQ collections. If you have any Linux problem, you can access their Linux/Unix tech support forum. Its author is a seasoned sysadmin and a trainer for the Linux operating system.

nixcraft Learn Linux

I hope that you would have got great resources for Linux Tutorials in this compilation of 5 Best Place to Learn Linux – Linux Tutorial Sites.

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