Get Linux CD/DVD for Free or Buy at Very Low Price

As Linux popularity is growing everyone want to hand on Linux. As you know Linux is always free and therelinux-cd are many Linux Distributions and almost every distro is free. You can download Linux from different Linux developer site.

Linux comes with hundreds of free software included in distribution and downloading full distribution is very big in size and with normal internet connection it is difficult to download Linux. Another way to get Linux is on CD/DVD for free but from where you can get free Linux CD/DVD or can buy at low price.

There are many companies who develop Linux and distribute them with there own name like Fedora, Ubuntu etc. Some of the Linux developers provide there free Linux CD/DVD you can request them from there site.


When you request for free Linux CD/DVD it is not sure you will get free CD or it takes can take lot of time to reach you. Another way to get Linux CD/DVD is to buy it. Why to buy when its free yes it’s free but buying doesn’t mean that you have to pay big amount. There are many Linux lovers who can send you free Linux CD or provide you CD at very low price about $2-10 only.

Here is the List from where you can get Free Linux CD/DVD or can get at very low price.

Ubuntu CD – Ubuntu offers free Desktop or Server Edition CD for free. It can take up to ten weeks to receive your free CD. You can request free CD from this link –
Requesting free Ubuntu CD

Fedora – Fedora also offers free CD program FreeMedia but problem with Fedora is that there free media program is not always open it open for very few time. There is one good thing with Fedora that if there FreeMedia program is closed then you can request free CD from there Ambassadors which are available to most of the countries and you can request free CD to them.
Request Free Fedora CD
Request Free Fedora CD from Ambassadors

OpenSolaris – OpenSolaris also offers you free OpenSolaris CD. Request OpenSolaris free CD

TheLinuxStore – TheLinuxStore offers free Linux CD. They do not develop there own Linux but they provide different Linux distribution at very low price. They also offer free different Linux distribution CD but free CD request is open very few times. Request free CD or Buy Linux at very low cost.

Other place to buy – There are plenty of site from where you can buy Linux CD at very low price. It is not possible to list those entire sites here. There is better way to find where to buy Linux CD. Debian is another Linux distribution but they not offer free CD but they have a great list of Linux provider from different countries. You can buy your favorite Linux distribution at very low price.
Linux Vendor list

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