4 Best Micro Blogging (Twitter Clone) Scripts

Twitter created the new trend of Micro-blogging. It is the easiest way to be in touch with your friends and family or share your knowledge with very few words to write (140 Words).

So, microblogging provides you the opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, updates, and any special news with your friends or peer group. It also enables you to share popular links of useful resources. It has turned out to be a popular online marketing platform which enables you to promote your ideas, products or services. It enables you to have a large following and promote your stuff with them.

This microblogging concept attracted many of us from blogger to corporate everyone started using Twitter as a very effective way of expressing themselves.

What if you don’t want to rely on Twitter?

What if you want to run your own Micro-blogging site?

The answer is – you can run your Microblogging site. It’s easy to run microblogging site under your own domain name.

So, those of you who are thinking to run their own microblogging site, it’s time to start your microblogging site.

Yes, you don’t have to depend on Twitter as you can start your microblogging site.

There are plenty of free and paid scripts to run your own Twitter-like site. Here, we are going to list 4 Best Microblogging site scripts (Twitter Clone Scripts) which you can download, install and run on your own site.

The Best part is the fact that it is easy to run your own microblogging site. So, explore these 4 Microblogging Scripts and choose the one that suits your requirements. It’s simple and easy to have your microblogging site.

4 Best Microblogging Scripts

1. PHP Social Microblogging

PHP Social Microblogging is a Microblogging script that gives you the opportunity to start a Twitter-like website. It enables you to have a Twitter-like website and share news, events, updates, or simply whatever you want through publications of 140 characters. You can follow other users, send direct messages, and upload images, videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Some of its Salient Features include:

  • Create Customizable Profile Page
  • Follow/UnFollow Users
  • Send Message direct/private
  • #Hashtag
  • Find People
  • Page Status like Twitter
  • Comments on Posts
  • Block/Unblock Users
  • Users verified Twitter style
  • Change Password
  • Delete Posts

PHP Social Microblogging

2. ReVou

ReVou is a powerful and feature rich microblogging software that enables you to start your own microblogging sites such as Twitter easily. It allows users to have their profile page that displays their latest updates. It enables users to send text updates via web, SMS, instant messaging. ReVou is thoroughly customizable and packed with many powerful features such as multi-language support, SMS Integration, template driven, built-in API, SEO friendly URLs, Twitter Plugin, etc. It is affordable too.


3. Storytlr

Storytlr comes as an open source lifestreaming and Microblogging platform. It can be used for a single user and also as a host for many people all from the same installation. You can choose your sources, and they will show up as a life-stream directly on your site.

It enables to post your opinion or link to an interesting site in just a few simple steps. It provides a range of compelling templates that are easy to customize. All in all, Storytlr enables you to tell your stories in an entirely unique fashion. By default, it provides a site that you can use. However, you are free to use any domain you want.


4. Social Microblogging PRO

Social Microblogging PRO is yet another premium and powerful Microblogging script that enables you to have a Twitter-like website. It enables you to share news, updates, events, or whatever you want through publications of 140 characters. You can upload images, videos, send direct messages, and follow other users.

Some of its Salient Features include:

  • Authentication with Twitter
  • Ability to create Post with Line Breaks
  • URL is detected dynamically
  • Send Message direct/private
  • Follow/UnFollow Users
  • #Hashtag
  • Design like Twitter
  • Block/Unblock Users
  • Set the Color Link
  • User Validation by email
  • Change Password
  • Delete Posts
  • And Much More

microblogging script 5

We hope that the post proves 45 Best Microblogging Scripts proves immensely useful to you and helps you in selecting a suitable Twitter clone script.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m searching for a Twitter clone to add with my existing website. I found this website via Google and was wondering if Social Microblogging Pro wold be a great option for me. So many of these Twitter clones scripts are obsolete or are no longer in business.

  2. I want a twitter clone script, but i want to expand it to any number of characters i want, like 200 or whatever. Also i want it independent of twitter. and i want my customer’s to be able to upload their own video’s, not YouTube video’s.

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