5 Best Free E-Commerce Software

E-Commerce has seen a tremendous growth in the recent times. Millions of users around the world are today buying various categories of products through this online channel and the popularity of E-commerce is expected to increase many times in the near future. Building a successful E-Commerce business channel requires the setting up and maintenance of Shopping Cart websites. Your shopping cart manages the presentation of your products, sales cycle as well as customer relationship. So the success of E-Commerce Model depends upon the Shopping Cart which in turn depends upon the E-Commerce software on which it runs. Thus the important factor in the success of your E-Commerce Model is the selection of a right kind of e-Commerce platform which can efficiently manage all the tasks related to the shopping cart websites.

The present post presents before you the 5 Best E-Commerce Software that can effectively manage all your e-commerce requirements. Whether it is product browsing, site management, order management, shipping, payment related tasks, customer services, analytics, reporting and many others, all of these activities linked with a shopping cart can be successfully handled by these 5 Best E-Commerce Software. All of the software showcased in this collection are available for free so they can also be used by the starters of the E-Commerce Channel as well. We have provided a brief overview of each of the 5 Best E-Commerce Software showcased in this post which would aptly illustrates their rich-features and capabilities. The 5 Best E-Commerce Software presented here can be very helpful for you in building and growing your online business.

5 Best Free E-Commerce Software/Shopping Cart Script

Magento Community

Magento Community is the free open source E-Commerce software from Magento. It is a feature rich eCommerce platform which provides flexibility and scalability for your online shopping cart. You can control almost every aspect of your online store, right from product presentation, content, merchandising, analytics, reporting as well as promotions and many others too. Magento Community’s eCommerce software’s rich feature set and flexibility helps the merchants to increase their returns from the online business model.

Magento Community E-Commerce software
Some of its salient features include:
• Order Management
• Multiple Stores
• Flexible Pricing Rules
• Shipping Rules
• Payment Configurations and Gateways
• Product Configurations
• Flexible Couponing
• Promotion Facilities
• Customer Accounts Management
• Layered Navigation
• Mobile Commerce
• Handles Up-Sells, Cross Sells and Related Products
• Multiple Languages
• International Support
• Code Level Access
• 3 rd Party Extensions and Themes
• Web Services APIs


PrestaShop comes with one of the most dynamic e-Commerce software. PrestaShop offers free, secure and open source eCommerce shopping cart platform. It has over 275 fantastic features and more than 2000 modules and templates. It is being currently used in more than 150 countries and is available in 41 languages of the world. PrestaShop comes with a complete set of features which help the business promoters to increase the online sales through their shopping cart. All these features are built-in the software and are provided absolutely free. It’s powerful Administrative Interface you can manage and control all the complex back-end activities related to your shopping cart very easily and effectively. You can manage all the products easily with PrestaShop.

Some of the features you can look upto in PrestaShop include:

• Catalog Management
• Product Displays
• Customer Log-In
• Shipping
• Product Displays
• Localization and Taxes
• Payments
• Marketing
• Checkout
• Analytics
• Reporting
• Security
• Translations


Opencart is a user friendly and feature rich open source eCommerce shopping cart system. It provides a powerful and robust eCommerce Solution to the online business promoters so that they can create and maintain a successful online business model through the use of shopping cart. You simply need to install the software, choose your template and products to your shopping cart and you are all set to receive orders from the customers. It has an attractive and easy to use interface and builds is search engine friendly shopping websites.

Opencart Some of its important features include:
• Unlimited Categories
• Unlimited Products
• Unlimited Manufacturers
• Multi Currency
• Multi Language
• Product Reviews
• Product Ratings
• Open Source
• Free Documentation
• Templatable
• Automatic Image Resize
• 20+ Payment Gateways
• 8+ Shipping Method


With osCommerce Open Source eCommerce solution online business promoters can easily create, run and maintain the shopping cart with minimum of efforts and minimum of costs. osCommerce is available for free and comes integrated with lots of features. Presently osCommerce has a large set of users which consists of developers, store owners, service providers and many others as well. The store solution from osCommerce comprises of a catalog frontend together with an administrative tool backend. It can be easily installed, configured maintained and updated. It comes with features such as frontend functionality, product functionality, payment functionality, shipping functionality, tax functionality, backend functionality and has many other features to its credit.

osCommerce E-Commerce software

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a free, user friendly open source e-commerce shopping cart software solution. Zen Cart is an easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain e-commerce solution and has been developed with the primary aim of satisfying the requirements faced by the e-merchants and e-shoppers. It has a wide range of options and features to its credit.

Zen Cart
Some of its keys features include:
• Easy Installation
• Order management
• Unlimited Category of Products
• Multiple Payment system and Gateways
• Multiple Shipping Methods
• Multiple Currency Support
• Promotions, Sales & Discounts
• Taxes
• Multiple Language Support
• Customer Retention Tools like newsletter, referral tools, gift certificates
• Fully Customizable Catalog Templates
• Customer Status Modes providing unrestricted shopping
• Powerful Administration Tools

There are many more free E-Commerce software but we just listed 5 free shopping cart script because we feel these E-Commerce software can fulfill about any type of requirement.

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  1. I wouldn’t advise osCommerce, it has a lot of security problems and it keeps getting hacked (in my case). Haven’t tried the other ones, so can’t say anything about that. But osc really is has issues and I think that the risk for abuse (for starters uploading php scripts in the images folder) is to high…

  2. EasyStoreHosting is best Online E-Commerce Store creation software.

    I have tried it, and its genuinely works.
    The best thing is that provide “technical support service” free of cost.
    So you have to do anything by yourself, just shoot a mail to them, they will do it for you.

  3. I’m using Prestashop and with over 300 features including inventory management, product exportation to eBay, cross-selling, product comparison tools, marketing tools, secure payment and so much more, Prestashop is a really great way to start out in the online community. More you find easily professional and affordable plug-ins to extend its capabilities!

  4. Opencart is the best ecommerce platform to customize. Compared to all other opensource platform, it is easier to customize.

    Let try your ecommerce business with Exlcart.

  5. PrestaShopt is the perfect ecommerce platform to develop your own online store with secure payment gateway compare to other open-source platform as it is very user-friendly and easy to customize


  6. tried them all, went with cs-cart
    their new version is quick on the frontend and easy to adjust on the backend (no programming experience needed)

    the default template is responsive and modern (compared esp. to oscomm and zencart)

  7. We have used OpenCart in the past and it appears to really function well especially for our small merch shop.

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