5 Freelance Business Scripts

As Internet is growing, online freelancing business sites are also growing. There are many freelancers all around the World who want to work from home.

Each job provider wants good work at low price. For this, they search for freelancers and their search stops at freelancing sites.

There are many popular freelancing sites like Elance.com, FreeLancer.com etc which have millions of service buyers and provider. These companies charge a fee from both service provider and buyers on every final project. By this way, these companies generate good revenue.

To start your own Freelancing site, you need good Freelancing Script you can develop your own script or buy from many ready made scripts. There are many companies who have a product related to freelancing; they are improving their script on a regular basis. This can be a good choice to choose these ready to go scripts.

You can search for many freelancing scripts available in the market. Here, I have listed 5 popular PHP freelancing scripts. These are Elance.com, Freelancer.com clone type scripts.

1. Softbiz Freelancers Script

Softbiz Freelancers Script is one of the most comprehensive and powerful PHP based freelance scripts. Using Softbiz Freelancers Script you can have a professional and high-quality freelancers website. It comes with many superb features such as a bidding system, live chat support; member profiles features, Youtube videos support, ratings, escrow system, many SEO friendly features, and many other features, as well.
Softbiz Freelancers

2. NLance

NLance is a powerful freelance script which helps you to start your own freelance website like Elance, Freelancer, etc. NLance helps to connect providers (freelancers or contractors) and customers to interact with each other to get their jobs done. NLance includes individual in-built accounting system to monitor earnings, transactions and set commission rate. On NLance script customers post job (projects), providers place bids on projects, finally customer assigns project to suitable provider and payment. Admin acts as an escrow monitoring the whole process.
freelance script

3. OzLancer Pro

OzLancer Pro provides a powerful PHP script for building a professional freelancing website. It has an impressive and an extensive list of features which supports the creation of user-friendly and useful freelance website. OzLancer Pro supports features such as Content Management, Member Management, SEO Friendly, Designer-Friendly, together with Professional Support and many other advanced features, as well.

Freelance Business Scripts

4. ILance

ILance is a powerful and highly customizable freelance software solution. Written in PHP, ILance provides a professional solution for small as well as large freelancing websites. ILance supports several advanced features which includes features such as support for the creation of unlimited categories, has a powerful search engine, ratings system, member and content management, etc.

5. PHP Pro Bid

PHP Pro Bid lets you build your own powerful auction or freelance website. PHP Pro Bid is a PHP based freelancing script. It comes with rich features, multi-payment modules, powerful Admin Area; supports reverse auctions, highly customizable and lots of other features, as well.

Hope you liked these freelance scripts. Which one you use, please share.

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