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Have you ever thought of using Advertisement Management Solution?

Well, let me tell you that an Ad Manager is the best way to turbo-charge your online marketing campaigns. Online Advertising Manager lets you handle PPC Ads, CPM Ads, as well as Affiliate Ads on your website.

Altogether, Ad Management is a tedious job.

For example, if you want to change the Ads, you have to replace Ad Code. It is a time consuming and tedious job.

Then there are various other issues that come with display advertising on your website. You do not want to serve the same Ad over and over again to your visitors.

There are Ad placements issues in which you want to ascertain the best Ad place for the advertisements on your website.

You have to experiment with different advertising networks to know which types of Ads are generating maximum revenues for your website.

Plus, you want detailed Ad statistics for banner ads.

In all of these cases, Ad Management Tools play a helpful role.

Ads Manager is the best way to display and manage advertisements on your website. It allows you to tweak adverts for geo-location and other factors.

The best thing about an Ad Manager is the fact they are easy to use and allow you to manage ads from a central location without having to deal with much technicalities about ad management.

These are the reasons which make Ad Management Tools a vital part of the overall online monetization strategy.

If you are looking for an Ad Manager that can take care of your online ads, then this is a must read the post for you.

Here, we showcase best advertisement management solutions for your website that will effectively manage your online adverts.

The list is pretty comprehensive and allows you to choose the best among Ad Management Tools according to your budget and business requirements.

Each of them has been described briefly so as to help you choose the right Ad Management Solution that best suits your purpose. All of the Ads Managers described here are “Hosted Solutions”.

Let’s explore these Advertisement Management Solutions for your website.

Best Advertisement Management Services

1. DoubleClick for Publishers

DoubleClick for Publishers is one of the most popular free ad management solutions that allow publishers to monitor and manage their entire digital ad inventory. It is ideal for small businesses who want to start out with ad servers as it is one of the simplest ads managers.

DoubleClick is owned by Google and integrates easily with AdSense. It comes with a simple interface, built-in revenue optimization, and has a plethora of rich features to help you maximize the value of your ad impressions. It is a complete Ad Management Solution as it allows you to manage your web, mobile, and video advertising.
DoubleClick for Publishers - Advertisement Management

2. OpenX

OpenX is one of the best Ad Management Tools that delivers superior monetization for publishers and optimal value for brands. It comes loaded with superb features including geo-targeted ads, statistics, and inventory management. It is a versatile solution and supports video, newsletter, and mobile campaigns.

It uses advanced ads management technology and provides a perfect platform for maximizing ad revenues. Using OpenX, you can easily measure the performance of your ads and can easily manage your ad inventory.

3. AdNgin

AdNgin Ad Management Solution provides you with the perfect platform to maximize and innovate your ad monetization efforts. It is one of the best Ad Manager for continuous ad layout optimization. With AdNgin’s unique Ad optimization platform, you can easily beat banner blindness, increase CTR, and maximize revenue per visitor.

It helps you to create custom fitted ad layouts. You can also optimize your Google Adsense account using AdNgin. It allows you to create Ad Layouts suitable for all screens and devices. AdNgin delivers comprehensive performance insights and reporting to help you create effective ad monetization strategies.

4. AdButler

AdButler is one of the oldest and smartest Advertisement Management Solution. It provides easy to use ad serving which enables you to save time and maximize revenue from ad impressions. AdButler delivers real-time reporting and easily handles custom ads in all formats.

AdButler’s high scalability makes it one of the most suitable ads serving platform in the world. It stays with you as your website grows. Its simple interface is perfect for building, managing and monitoring multiple ad campaigns. It comes with rich media ad support and provides instant access to real-time reports. AdButler furnishes geographic targeting. It lets you target ads by country, province, or even as specific as a city. Above all, it is highly user-friendly with straightforward workflows.

5. SiteScout

SiteScout is an advanced and easy to use Advertisement Management Platform. It has every ingredient that makes it a top class advertising platform. It is a fully hosted solution, so you do not have to worry about technical details and can go ahead with your advertising campaigns. One can customize SiteScout according to specific business needs.

It handles all your ad serving and content delivery. Its real-time technology buys individual impressions at the most efficient price. It also provides comprehensive campaign performance reports. Its intuitive platform makes it easy for you to manage digital campaigns. It has comprehensive targeting capabilities, as well.

6. Broadstreet

Broadstreet is one of the best Ad Management Platform for small sites. It features editable ads for advertisers which is a useful feature for small businesses that tend to change their messaging and promotions regularly. It is easy to use with fast set up, and automated email reports. It integrates with hundreds of platform including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Expression Engine, etc. Moreover, Broadstreet provides one of the fastest Adserving. It delivers everything you need to dominate the ad game.
Broadstreet - Advertisement Management

Ad Sales is hard. However, with these powerful, advanced, and easy-to-use Ad Management Tools you can well be on the path to dominate the ad game. We hope that this presentation on Best Advertisement Management Solutions proves immensely useful for you.

Are you using any of these Ads Managers? Do share your comments with us.

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