5 Best Affiliate Management Software

The success of an online business depends on how well you are able to promote it. The goal of every e-business promoter is to achieve higher visitor traffic and thus increase sales of its products and services. And an affiliate management software essentially achieves this for you.

Affiliate management software has become the most sort after marketing tool for the promotion of online business. With the implementation of affiliate program, you achieve more traffic, more sales and greater search engine optimization. So today we bring to you 5 Best Affiliate Management Software so that you can also implement and reap the fruits of successful affiliate marketing.

I am sure you would be aware of the Amazon success story. Amazon was the first e-commerce website to implement affiliate revenue share scheme. Such is the power and utility of Affiliate Marketing. And now hundreds of thousands of e-commerce merchants run and manage a successful affiliate marketing program. Having an affiliate program has become so important that, without it, many e-commerce sites would cease to exist.

When you run and manage affiliate marketing program, you invariably implement pay per performance marketing strategy instead for paying for advertising which doesn’t guarantee you sales. In affiliate marketing program, you only pay commissions when the promotions bring you actual sales. You tend to fulfill many objectives by using an affiliate program. You increase your website traffic, have more sales, have increased search engine optimization and also are able to boost your online presence.

With Affiliate Management Software, you implement affiliate marketing program for your online business. It manages various aspects of affiliate marketing from sign up of new affiliate member management, affiliate link tracking, payments of commissions and provides exclusive tools to promote your e-business. So explore the Best Affiliate Management Software and select the one which is most adaptable to your e-business requirements.

5 Affiliate Management Software

1. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is one of the most effective and powerful affiliate program software that you can have to promote your online business. It is easy to install as well as easy to use affiliate program software. When deployed, it can be used to recruit and manage your affiliates, track affiliates referrals, clicks, commissions, record payouts and does many other things, as well. With Post Affiliate Pro, you can get real-time reports on every aspect of affiliate marketing. Its user interface is also fantastically designed much like a desktop application and carries a start button, menu, sidebar, gadgets and quick launch.
Affiliate Management Software

2. iDevAffiliate

iDevAffiliate is a powerful self managed affiliate tracking software. It provides one of the effective ways to increase your website traffic, sales and also improves your search engine rankings too. iDevAffiliate can be installed easily and also integrates easily into your existing website. It comes in three variations such as Standard Edition, Gold Edition and Platinum Edition, as well. It provides built-in affiliate marketing with reports and statistics and has many features, functions and configuration combinations to its credit. You get one year free upgrades and also don’t need to renew your license for iDevAffiliate.
Affiliate Management Software

3. OmniStar Affiliate

OmniStar affiliate software is one of the most trusted affiliate marketing tools in the world. OmniStar is empowered with lots of easy to use features and does not even require any technical experience to run and manage it. With OmniStar, you can set up your affiliate program in just under 10 minutes. It is compatible with almost any gateway or shopping cart you are using. Its multiple-tier functionality allows setting up to 10 affiliate tiers. You also get real-time reports on the functioning of your affiliates. It also has an autoresponder feature too.
Affiliate Management Software

4. AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro

AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro is regarded as the next generation affiliate network, software solution with the help of which you can start your own affiliate network. What you get is a lifetime license and free updates for one year. You also get 100% Source codes and free copyright removal too. With AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro, you would be successful in promoting your products and services to the prospective customers via various methods like email, banner ads, pop-up ads, text links, etc and manage all the activities related to affiliate marketing. It keeps track of the commissions payable to each affiliate and also manages commission payments.
Affiliate Management Software

5. Jrox Affiliate Manager

Jrox Affiliate Manager (JAM) is a powerful affiliate and membership management system. Using JAM you would be able to recruit, build, and manage several online affiliates that would in turn promote your products and services over the internet. JAM provides unique tracking codes that can be used by affiliates’ to track the referred customers so that they can get proper and applicable commission for it. JAM also enables you to create and manage an effective affiliate marketing strategy which encompasses aspects like sign up, member management, affiliate payments, commission records, etc. It also helps to manage the various affiliate marketing tools such as text links, banner ads, email ads, etc. JAM is easy to use and handles most of your affiliate management tasks effectively.
Affiliate Management Software

Hope you liked this list of Affiliate Management Software, please do share which Affiliate Management Software you like.

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