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If you want to grow your business faster you need to expand your business for this you need to buy land and other capital expenditure even than you covers the area nears to your store but with an online store you can expand your business to the whole world that means with an online store your business is not limited to certain area it will open-up to the world.

You must have observed the fast growing pace of online industry people are selling each and every thing online because sellers are there. Sellers are buying from Real State to their day-to-day needed FMCG products online so why to lose this opportunity. You don’t have to be a web-developer and don’t even need to learn any programming script to open-up an online store there is a Company named Interspire which helps you to open up your online store.

Interspire web solution software is preferred by more than 2,500 web-designers as one of the best online shopping cart software available. Interspire web solution allows you to focus on the design and launch your online store pretty easily.

Interspires offers you two platforms to open up your online store named BigCommerce and Interspire Shopping Cart. BigCommerce offers you to host your shopping website online on Interspire secure online hosting server and another product is Interspire Shopping Cart which is a licensed version of Interspire ecommerce software. It runs on your web server so it more customize able because it gives you the source code.

Interspire Shopping Cart

Some Key Features of Interspire Shopping Cart:

Complete Creative Control on design -Interspire offers different modes of designing web store if you are beginner you can easily design your website by simply clicking the customizing tools and drag and drop design mode to change the look.

Sell on Facebook – with a feature name ‘SocialShop 2’ Interspire offers you to sell your merchandize on Facebook and user can even search merchandize; compare the products and checkout without leaving the Facebook page which adds superior user experience.

Automated e-mail Marketing – This service automatically mails to you existing customers the information of new merchandise, discounts coupons and other schemes.

Ex: if someone buys a T-shirt from your store. One week later you offer 25% discount on your on T-shirts and other merchandize the customer will get an e-mail about the current offer on merchandize and T-shirts automatically.

Photo Zoom – Photo Zoom features enables the crystal clear zoomed version of product so that the shopper can get the closer look of the product which they are buying. (All you need to do just simply upload the large picture Interspire Super Zoom will do rest of the work)

Mobile Commerce –Interspire offers native support for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre Devices. The mobile screen optimized for web store for better user experience.

Sell on eBay – you can even list the product for auction on eBay right from your Interspire control panel you can even set the listing schedule (so means you can even go for live listing and set listing of the product for future schedule)

Automatic Inventory Control– Whenever any product sold it automatically reduced from the inventory and product become unavailable on the store as the inventory fall to zero. You can even sets the lower stocks level and will be reminded to order more products when stock falls below this level.

Hardcore Search Engine Optimization – Interspire know how to be number one spot for very competitive keywords. Interspire provides you the SEO friendly Links so BigCommerce is Search Engine friendly.

Free Software Updates for Life –Interspire provides you free software updates for life that means you don’t have to worry for the future release for new software, features and improvements these updates will available to you automatically.

Powerful Admin Panel– Interspire Shopping Cart software comes with powerful admin panel from where you can easily customize your shopping site, add products, manage sales and much more.

Interspire Shopping Cart

Interspire offers both solutions hosted shopping site and your own licensed version Interspire Shopping Cart. Pricing model for both solution are different you can start your shopping site with hosted solution at as low as $25 per month.

You can buy Interspire Shopping Cart license which you can install on your own hosting which starts from $295 of onetime payment.

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