aMember Online Membership Management Software

Having a Membership Site at your disposal means a great online business opportunity for you. But the important factor here is that it is not always easy to run such a site. Either it involves a lot of work to keep it live or else it can be quite difficult to get the work done from a Membership Site. But there is a silver lining to this fact. With aMember Professional membership software things can be quite greenish for you.

Well aMember Professional provides you with a powerful, flexible and user friendly membership and subscription management PHP script software with which you can effectively and efficiently run and manage all the tasks related to your membership site and the fantastic thing about this software it that you can perform all the tasks very easily too.

Whether it is managing customer profiles, accepting subscription payments, delivering digital content, integrating it with your blog, forum or CMS, managing your own affiliate program, sending opt-in newsletter everything can be done very easily with the use of aMember Professional membership software.

aMember Professional lets you to put together a successful membership site and that too at an affordable price so that you would not hesitate to have it integrated with your site. aMember Professional can be bought online and can be downloaded and installed directly to your hard drive. You can do this for yourself or you can take the help of their support team to have it on your server.

aMember Online Membership Management Software
Initially you get a temporary license once you make the purchase of aMember Professional and once the refund period is over you are provided with a permanent license. Being an open-ended software you can do the required modifications and customize some of its important modules which affect the working of your site.

Now let us have a look at some of its important features. aMember Professional provides unlimited membership levels and items, Payment systems integration, fully-featured member management, automated signups and expirations, integrated modules, third-party scripts integration, E-mail management, Access Control and also comes with Built-in Affiliate Program.

Talking about its Membership Management it provides almost every element that want from subscription software. Your subscribers can go for sign-up, pay, restore a lost password, can edit their profile, view their list of subscriptions and can even cancel their subscription.

aMember Online Membership Management Software
It lets you create flexible sign-up forms. You can have multiple page sign-up form, add new fields, enable coupons, automate password generation and much more. It also lets you create coupon codes so that you can offer discounts to customers on their first purchase, etc.

As far as Third-Party Scripts integration is concerned, aMember Pro has superior and extensive features to offer to its users. It supports an integration of more than 100 scripts. Presently it can be integrated with WordPress, Joomla, vBulletin, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB3, XenForo, Vanilla Forum and more.

With its Built-in Affiliate Program, it lets you correctly and effectively handle recurring billing, refunds and chargebacks. You can have separate sign-up for affiliates and customers and can also make members into affiliates. Using aMember Professional you can set up flexible commissions and can also set up awards for your power affiliates too.

aMember Online Membership Management Software
So you see that aMember Professional is loaded with powerful features which make it superb membership software to have that can easily and efficiently run and manage all your work related to membership and subscription enabled site.

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