5 Best ASP Forum Software

Today we bring to you 5 Best ASP Forum Software that would help you to build and maintain a forum website for online communities.

Forum websites, message boards or Internet forums are vastly popular these days. Millions of users join forum sites and participate in discussions on various topics, products, or services. They post queries and seek a solution.

Members can answer questions posted on these forums or message boards. Such discussions over the forums propel new ideas, provide a product or service feedback. This helps the webmaster or companies to improve upon their deliverables and help them to gain more business.

So if, you want to have a forum website then you would require to choose an appropriate and powerful forum software. ASP Forum Software can be a great choice for you. They require no programming knowledge and are easy to use and administer.

Some of the ASP Forum Software showcased here under come for free while others come at a price. We have made every effort to show you the most popular ASP Forum Software available in the market currently. So if, you are planning it big then prefer paid versions else you can even go for free ASP Forum Software.

The Best ASP Forum Software shown below are easy to use, feature-packed, stable, secure, reliable, robust and even scalable too.

You can go through the present compilation of Best ASP Forum Software, and we are absolutely confident that you would get to have an ASP based Forum Software fulfilling your requirements.

5 Best ASP Forum Software

1. Web Wiz Forums

Web Wiz Forums is a free and powerful ASP forum software solution, which adequately serves, your online community. It is easy to set up and run. Web Wiz Forums comes with numerous generic and practical features to provide you a stable and secure forum software. This forum software gives you a full-time support through its professional and dedicated staff and solves your problems instantly.
ASP Forum Software

2. Jitbit .NET Forum

Jitbit .NET Forum is an ASP.NET forum software. It can be easily integrated with .NET websites and is available in the free edition as well as paid versions. It is a thoroughly secure and reliable forum engine. It provides email activation and spam protection with lots of other security features. It allows you to create user-groups, moderate messages, assign permissions to users, etc.
ASP Forum Software


YAF.NET is another powerful ASP forum software. YAF.NET is an open source forum solution and is available for free. It comes in more than 20 language localizations and is extremely fast, stable and secure. It provides for unlimited boards, topics and forums. YAF.NET can be easily integrated into DNN and as well as with various other CMSes. It can be easily customized and supports MS SQL Server 2000 and above. YAF.NET delivers great performance as a forum software solution.
ASP Forum Software

4. InstantForum.NET

InstantForum.NET is a leading ASP.NET based forum software. It provides feature packed and high performance discussion forum. InstantForum.NET empowers you to have online communities. You can create, maintain and even customize online communities. It offers thorough control features through its administrative control panel. It provides great user experience and is lightweight with cross browser compatible and comes with numerous other useful features too.
ASP Forum Software

5. ASPPlayground.Net

ASPPlayground.Net is another highly popular ASP Forum software solution. It lets you easily create and maintain online communities. Moreover, ASPPlayground.Net requires no programming effort to integrate forum with your website. With ASPPlayground.Net you get to have a feature-packed, safe, secure, stable and scalable forum software. It is user-friendly and provides a powerful control panel so that you can manage your communities easily. To top it all, ASPPlayground.Net is extensively customizable so that you can have a ASP forum Software that blends with the design of your site.
ASP Forum Software

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  1. Hey Ravi, this is Samuel from ASPPlayground.net. Thanks for featuring my site on your blog.

    I’d like to point out that ASP and ASP.NET are totally different technologies, even though they are both Microsoft’s products. ASP.NET replaced ASP about 10 years ago.

    The first one on your list is ASP based, while the rest are ASP.NET based.

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