10 Best Email Marketing Software for Sending Email Newsletters

As a blogger or online business promoter, you want your blog or site to be able to generate and attract a large volume of traffic of visitors.

Although, there are numerous techniques and methods of bringing large flow of traffic of visitors to your site, but email marketing is perhaps the most effective of them all if employed in an effective way.

So in the following post we bring to you a splendid collection of Best Email Marketing Software which can be extremely effective in creating and managing email lists and running email marketing campaigns.

As a matter of fact, email marketing can be truly effective in promoting your products and services to your subscribers. You actually send an email newsletter to your subscribers and do adequate follow-up so that more and more of the visitors click on the links and finally come to your website and buy the product or service they are interested in. It can be some digital product, or it can even be an e-book or some other product or service.

Email Marketing helps to send your message across to your subscribers list in a quick and effective way so that a large number of visitors comes to your website or blog. Another advantage of email marketing is that it presents you an affordable way of reaching out to new customers as well as keeping your existing customers intact with you so that they keep on buying from you.

Herein, comes the role of an affordable, reliable, powerful and feature-rich Email Marketing Software, which can help to bring visitors to your site. We have taken care to include best email marketing software so that you have ample choice to choose the most efficient Email Marketing Software meeting your requirements and criteria. Some of them are free while others come for a price.

So, you can go through the presentation showcased below of Best Email Marketing Software and we certainly believe that you would find suitable email marketing software matching your needs.

10 Best Email Marketing Software

1. Phplist

Phplist is one of the foremost one-way email delivery system. It is an excellent tool to manage your mailing list. Phplist presents you with a web interface which makes it thoroughly easy for you to write and as well as send messages. You can download and install it on your web server which is absolutely free. You can even use its hosted solution which comes in various plans and pricing.

Its enhanced message delivery system ensures that each and every subscriber receives the intended message and further facilitates that no duplicate messages are sent to them. Phplist feature list is extensive and includes among others features such as open tracking, click tracking, customizable templates, etc.
Email Marketing Software

2. PG Newsletter

PG Newsletter is one of the most powerful software for email marketing. It is a web based tool which can be used to send emails and newsletters to the target audience using the mailing list. Using PG Newsletter you can even run a Newsletter Service of your own. It offers different products for email marketing and you get an opportunity to select one according to your needs and business requirements. PG Newsletter offers free as well as paid products.
Email Marketing Software

3. Oempro

Oempro is a highly popular Email Newsletter Software. Oempro can be used for building, sending and tracking email newsletter. It performs all the tasks related to email newsletter management. Moreover, it is extensively open source and can be customized based on your business requirements. Oempro comes in different purchase options as well as is available in 5-day trial offer. It can be integrated in your system and features API and plug-in. Oempro comes with an email creation wizard which makes creation of the email content really easy.
Email Marketing Software

4. OpenEMM

OpenEMM is one of the most reliable and powerful open source email marketing software. It can be used on Linux as well as Windows based operating system. OpenEMM offers a highly interactive user system to send and track email newsletter, performs enhanced bounce management, provides real-time graphical statistics, and comes with scripting support to do individual tasks. It web interface works with all the main browsers such as IE, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
Email Marketing Software

5. Interspire

Interspire offers advanced and complete email marketing software. It has been equipped with features to help you in creating, sending and do tracking of your email marketing campaigns. Interspire also comes with enhanced tools which help to automate your email marketing efforts and carry on customer feedback loops in a more efficient way. You can set up autoresponders, do split testing, automates list management work and helps to carry out plenty of other works too.
Email Marketing Software

6. Sendy

Sendy is one of the most powerful self-hosted email marketing applications. You can send and track email using the Amazon Simple Service Solution. So sending bulk emails is absolutely easy and feasible too. Using Sendy. As far as its pricing is concerned, Sendy is relatively very cheap, when compared to other services. Sendy has been empowered with rich-features which help you manage your tasks easily and effectively.
Email Marketing Software

7. MailingList Manager Pro

MailingList Manager Pro is great email marketing software. With MailingList Manager Pro you can manage all the tasks related to email campaigns, determine click through, provides detailed mailing reports, as well.
Email Marketing Software

8. MailMachine Pro

MailMachine Pro is a widely used, powerful, and one of the most complete email marketing software. Using MailMachine Pro you can easily run and manage email marketing campaigns. You can install MailMachine Pro on your web server. It includes features such as real-time message queue, autoresponders, link tracking, bounce email management, and many other features ,as well.
Email Marketing Software

9. ListMessenger

ListMessenger is a mailing list management solution par excellence. It is a feature-rich, easy to use, highly interactive and intuitive in design, lightweight, and also easy to maintain email marketing solution. ListMessenger comes in free as well as paid options. It provides solutions in the form of LM Light, LM Pro, and LM Hosted.
Email Marketing Software

10. Inout Mailing List Manager

Inout Mailing List Manager is one of the perfect solutions for handling your mailing lists and email marketing tasks. Using Inout Email Marketing Software you can easily create and manage email lists and campaigns.
Email Marketing Software

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  1. Debopam Banerjee

    E-mail marketing is an essential step in today’s business scenario….. Nice collection of software….. Thanks for the share……

  2. Hi Ravi, Thanks for sharing this list with us. I think all software are very good and helpful in Email marketing campaign managment. You can add one more software in your list Garuda – The intellegent Mailer which developed to create effective email marketing campaigns.

  3. There are plenty of email softwares. But the bottleneck is at the IP for me. How do you buy and use larger amounts of IP addresses while keeping cost low? SES is great but even they are quite strict. I get shut down with them fast.

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