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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) stands at the core of any modern business enterprise.

Moreover, if you are a freelancer or you’re running your small enterprise you need a quick and easy CRM Solution to manage your clients when it comes to invoicing, quote approvals, deposits and discounts, subscriptions, and much more. With CRM, you can manage the whole show related with customers.

One such ultimate CRM and project management system which comes to you is in the form of Ultimate Client Manager (UCM) for managing your clients.

Ultimate Client Manager (UCM) is an open source PHP, and JavaScript providing you an opportunity to manage your customers, store contact details, notes and much more. Particularly Customer and lead management becomes tremendously easy with Ultimate Client Manager.

UCM is being rated as the most complete, ultimate and easy-in-use open source invoicing and customer relationship management system. Moreover, with Ultimate Client Manager Customer management becomes simple. It provides you an opportunity to store and search customer info, and even contact details, and much more. It has been credited with hundred of features which makes it the ultimate in customer relationship management tool. With Ultimate Client Manager, you can even link websites, invoices, support tickets, jobs, notes, and do lots more with customers.

Ultimate Client Manager CRM Script

With UCM, you can even manage your client’s websites. You can have automatic invoicing by setting up subscriptions for website hosting. The feature list is lengthy and includes among others the facility to change whatever they want on their websites just by clicking. You can even manage your passwords, invoice subscriptions, and much more through Ultimate Client Manager. It can perform every function that you can dream of in for a customer relationship management system. Let’s have an overview of its core features and functionalities. You can do everything related to jobs and invoices. For example, you can email jobs to clients.

Even invoices can also be emailed to clients, and further up job tasks can be marked as completed. As far as website management is concerned, UCM is just perfect for web developers. Website details can be stored, and jobs can be linked together. UCM facilitates payments through PayPal. You can run auto overdue notices and checkout payment history as well. That’s not all as Ultimate Client Manager can set powerful permissions for Staff and User Login and get to see only what you want. UCM comes with multi-currency support and multi-lingual UI with the available set of translations.

You can build, track, and send emails to subscribers and customers. Plus: you can run customer comments for individual job tasks, can generate PDF invoices and can further have the ease of emailing to customers. UCM provides easy management for grouping up customers, jobs, websites, and lots more. It functions as a complete finance manager for you with the facility of generating finance reports and get a complete overview of upcoming payments. It even tracks multiple social networking websites such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

On the whole, Ultimate Client Manager is really the ultimate solution in customer relationship management.

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