Data Management PHP Script xCRUD

Data Management is a key constituent of Content Management. With database management, you tend to present your website content in a more meaningful way to your visitors. You can optimize your database using data management PHP Script. If you are looking for data management PHP Script to optimize your database then you are perfectly at the right place as I showcase to you one such powerful database management PHP Script named xCRUD.

xCRUD is one such powerful and easy to use data management PHP Script.

xCRUD is an extremely useful PHP Script for non-coders. It helps to delete, edit, and update entries from the database thereby helping to optimize your database.

It comes as a powerful Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) generator application for PHP and MySQL. It offers many ways for working with your database and the biggest highlight is the fact that it is extremely easy to use even for non-programmers.

With xCRUD database management becomes easy and simple saving you hours of labor and takes just minutes to implement. It can be used as a plain php library and can also be used with your favorite CMS or Framework.

Let me tell you that there are plenty of reasons for using xCRUD.

Data Management PHP Script xCRUD

xCRUD implements Singleton pattern and so it can be initialized in any part of the script. You can pre-set parameters and data can be outputted in different parts of the script including functions, classes, and even files. So you can create custom settings for your specific xCRUD.

It implements the multi-instance system with which you can load multiple instances xCRUD and can work with multiple tables simultaneously. Regardless of the number of copies, xCRUD opens only one connection to your database which significantly contributes in performance gains.

xCRUD employs fast Ajax interface so that you can get access to your data almost instantly. You don’t even have to wait for page loading.

xCRUD uses native php session. Upon each request, every instance generates unique validation key which immediately becomes invalid after usage. This gives you a secure Ajax-side of the application.

Not only this, as xCRUD also supports all popular types of MySQL fields. Field display can be controlled and you can even have simple validation rules and unique fields check.

It works with a visual editor for text fields, date and time picker for date fields and automatically generates drop down list for ENUM and SET fields. It even goes onto generate interactive Google map for POINT type.

xCRUD goes onto support image and files uploading, together with unlimited thumbs resizing and creation. It even facilitates Blob storage.

xCRUD provides perfect control over your data. The data can be changed using the callback function. xCRUD supports localization through ini files with which you can easily create unique language file.

All-in-all, xCRUD is a database management PHP Script that you just can’t afford to miss out for your website content.

Data Management PHP Script xCRUD

Let’s have an overview of features of data management PHP script xCRUD:

  • Single line Syntax
  • Multi-instance system
  • Fast Ajax interface
  • Easy integration and superb compatibility in any script, CMS, or framework
  • Change the look of xCRUD’s data grid through one small css file
  • Bootstrap compatible
  • Supports file and image uploading
  • Thorough control over your data through callback functions
  • Simple Validation rules
  • Table joining, sub selects and relations
  • Support via comments and email
  • Simple plugin for easy WordPress integration
  • Blob storage is available

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