DNN Platform – A Dot Net Based CMS Solution

Whether you are running a small local business or even a global organization, you invariably require a trusted and technologically advanced CMS solution for building your website.

Today we showcase to you one such reliable and trusted CMS that you can use to build your business.

The DNN Platform comes as a powerful content management system that is being used by millions of businesses around the globe as their web authoring environment.

It has a successful track record to its credit and has gone onto the show that it is a reliable and trustworthy web authoring platform.

The DNN Platform is a Microsoft .Net based web content management system. It was formerly known as the DotNetNuke Community Edition. Moreover, DNN Platform is an “open source” content management system and a very popular one too. It is a preferred platform for over 750,000 websites all around the globe. It has already seen downloads of more than 8 million times.

The popularity of DNN Platform is not without reason.

The CMS solution can be used for easily building professional and feature-rich commercial websites, community portals, and even social intranets. Moreover, you can easily deploy and update DNN sites. Actually, DNN Platform is a storehouse of endless possibilities. It is a rich web authoring environment which offers everything needed for creating rich and varied online experience for your customers, employees, and partners.

DNN Platform – A Dot Net Based CMS
Today, webmasters look forward for such a CMS solution that can easily build and manage websites without having to acquire much technical know-how. The DNN Platform is one of those CMS solutions which can easily manage websites without much technical ado.

Moreover, The DNN Platform can be extended to include extra functionalities, which do not come with its core module with the help of third-party apps and modules. It brings to you web authoring technology that you can depend upon and trust to create an overwhelming experience for your online users. DNN Platform is a complete CMS solution. It is thoroughly extensible, scalable, and secure web authoring environment.

Let me put forward some of the core and important features of DNN Platform so that you can further realize and appreciate the usability and power of this popular web authoring platform.

The DNN Platform is an “Open Source” web authoring platform which delivers you the much desired flexibility and freedom for designing robust and powerful online business solutions. Empowered with a liberal open source license, the DNN Platform provides you the flexibility for designing web solutions of your choice.

Then, DNN Platform is highly extensible. So, you never feel cramped as far as extending functionalities are concerned for your websites. You can use any of thousands of available CMS Extensions that are not provided with its core modules. The extensions bring in the much needed functionalities in your web solution so that it looks professional, useful and as well as SEO friendly. Using extensions, you stay updated and go onto provide modern web solutions for your online users and visitors.

Apart from the ease of use, flexibility and freedom another much required element that is looked upon by webmasters and e-entrepreneurs is the security of a web authority platform. However, with DNN Platform you can be rest assured on the security front as it perfectly addresses all your security concerns with respect to your web solution.

As a matter of fact, the DNN Platform has long exhibited a strong track record with respect to the security of web solutions. It successfully meets even the toughest security requirements necessary for managing a world class web solution. It has successfully undergone numerous security audits and scans by partners and customers all around the world. So, DNN Platform comes out as one of the most secured web authoring platform.

Then another important feature of DNN Platform is the fact that it is recognized as a highly scalable web authoring platform. It is thoroughly equipped to meet the ever increasing challenges of managing any website needs. The DNN Platform has already proved that it can manage almost any type of website. Whether you are running a local website serving hundreds of users or an advanced global website serving thousands and millions of users, The DNN Platform can be easily scaled up as and when your require.

Another notable feature of the DNN Platform is the fact that it brings a highly page-oriented website development environment. This helps to make the DNN Platform a very easy to use web authoring platform for even the non-technical guys who have started their journey in the online world. So, building a web page on DNN Platform is highly easy. Last but not the least; the DNN Platform has a large support community. This ensures that you easily get hundreds of functional add-ons, hosting firms, integrators, and developers so that you can easily build and manage an excellent and powerful website or portal.

However, in spite of the rich, powerful and advanced features of DNN Platform, it also has few shortcomings. For example, DNN content modules can only be managed within the context of a web page. Content Modules cannot be managed independent of a web page. The DNN Platform provides limited options as far as Page URL is concerned. With DNN, you cannot have multiple page URLs, nor it is possible to change page URL generated by DNN. Also, Page Templates cannot be modified using the Admin UI. All changes related to page templates can only be made by developers and not by the non-technical administrator.

Having said this, DNN Platform shortcomings can be easily ignored in the light of its rich and varied features. The DNN Platform is an out-an-out easy to use, powerful, feature-rich, secured, flexible, extensible, and scalable CMS solution for your website building and management requirements. Using DNN Platform you can easily build sophisticated and professional portals and websites. On the whole, the DNN Platform comes out as one of the most trusted and reliable content management system.

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