File Management and Uploader PHP Script FileGator

File Management can be a heck of a task.

It can really be frustrating for you when you find yourself in a situation when you are not able to manage your data, and files.

With respect to file management, you look forward to freedom and control over your own data. You want to access your data whenever you need it and from wherever you are.

For this, you require an outstanding file management and uploading utility.

If you too are one of those who are looking for outstanding file manager script then let me tell you that you are perfectly at the right place.

Hereunder, I showcase to you one of the most powerful PHP File Manager and Ajax Uploader named FileGator.

FileGator comes as an advanced File Management and Uploader PHP Script. Moreover, it has been rightly dubbed as an advanced multi-user PHP File Manger and Ajax Uploader. It comes bundled with features which make it an outstanding File Management and Uploader PHP Script.

Using FileGator, you can easily edit, upload, manage, zip, and share files and folders. It allows you to simultaneously upload multiple files with Ajax together with the ability to manage your files online. Archives can be created using zip or unzip and you can decompress files online. You just require to Drag&Drop files for doing upload.

When you require searching files and folders, you can easily do it with FileGator. Moreover, FileGator allows you to create multiple user accounts together with the guest account. It also provides for user registration and password recovery. You get to have Admin Interface so that you can manage user accounts.

If you are thinking that installing FileGator would be difficult and time consuming let me tell you that, on the contrary, it is a very simple and easy task. You just require copying all the files to your web server, then login as Admin and finally go onto add one or more users and that’s it; you are ready for managing your files. However, you need to ensure that your server must have read/write permissions so that you can configure and repository folders.

Actually, FileGator requires no database; however, it permits you to use MySQL database so that you can store users. For this, you need to update configuration.php file and require creating table using database.sql script.

Together with this, the support is fantastic on fresh installations.

Due to its fantastic features and easy usage, File Gator has won great accolades from thousands of customers. The script is a great value for money and works fantastically great. It’s clean coded; clean looking and works simply and fast.

All-in-all, FileGator is a powerful, advanced Multi-User PHP File Manager and Ajax Uploader.

File Management and Uploader PHP Script FileGator

Let’s have an overview of features of FileGator:

  • Create, edit, move, copy, rename, or delete files and folders online.
  • Create Archives using zip or unzip.
  • Decompress Files online.
  • Filter, search, and view files in Tree View.
  • Provides Multiple File Upload with Ajax.
  • Preview Images in Gallery Mode.
  • Allows you to create users with different access permissions.
  • Lets you create multiple user accounts.
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Home Directories for every user or else they can use the default directory (if not specified)
  • Flash Free.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Includes Source Code.
  • Allows you to send file links via email.
  • Includes Google URL shortener for email links
  • It works on Windows and Linux Operating System
  • Compatible with Browsers such as IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Download FileGator PHP Script

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