2 Best Free Mailing List PHP Script

Emails are now important part of our life. Email has totally changed our communication method.

Anyone can easily create free email accounts on various sites and start sending receiving email insistently.

But what if you want to send mass email to your website subscribers or business associates.

How you will manage all those email ids and how to send mass emails to all your subscribers.

Mailing list manager or Newsletter manager software can manage your mailing task very easily.

Here under we showcase to you 2 Best Free Mailing List PHP Script which you can download and use effectively to manage your email marketing campaign. Email marketing can certainly help in customer relationship building and can be used to convert the leads into actual buyers.

You just need to install mailing list software on your website and start managing subscription forms. If you have email data in other format mailing software can easily import that data, and you can start sending bulk email.,

There are many free and paid Email manager software. Here, we show 2 most popular and free mass mailing list software. They can be easily integrated into your website and are very easy to manage.


PHPLIST is one of the most popular mailing list manager. It is an open source php script for managing email campaigns running through your website(s). PHPLIST can be easily integrated with any type of website. Moreover, it can be downloaded, installed and used for free. PHPLIST can efficiently manage thousands of subscribers in your mailing lists. It is perfect for sending newsletter, notifications, managing publicity lists, and for many other kinds of uses.

PHPLIST has been empowered with many brilliant and powerful features. For example, you can send personalized email messages with subscriber’s name or any other specific attribute of your choice. Subscriber’s Attributes are fully customizable.

Mailing List PHP Script

2. OpenEMM

OpenEMM is another very powerful and free mailing list PHP Script. OpenEMM is a highly popular web-based enterprise software to manage your email marketing campaign. It can also be used for sending service emails and email newsletter to your subscribers.
OpenEMM comes with many useful and advanced features such as a user-friendly and interactive UI, realtime graphical statistics, link tracking, a plugin interface, bounce management, a powerful CMS (content management system), facility of scripted actions and loads of other features, as well. OpenEMM comes as a free downloadable email marketing application.

Mailing List PHP Script

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